12 Household Appliances Powered by Propane

What Appliances Can You Upgrade? We’ll Show You!

propane appliances pennsylvania You have more choices than you might realize when it comes to the energy you use in your home. And there’s a reason that upwards of 50 million American homes use propane in some capacity. It’s a clean, efficient, and incredibly versatile fuel.

Propane burns with exceptional efficiency, meaning you lose almost no heat energy in combustion. And its heat generation is superb! Propane produces more than double the Btu’s per cubic foot of natural gas. That means you get more comfort per fuel dollar spent.

And propane is eco-friendly, too. It has the lowest carbon intensity of any home heating fuel besides natural gas, but unlike natural gas, it’s methane-free. Propane also emits virtually no particulate matter, a known carcinogen.

One of the most appealing qualities of propane is its adaptability. The fuel in your on-site propane tank can power many comfort systems, appliances and amenities.

Propane Appliances Inside Your Home

The effective and energy-efficient propane appliances you can enjoy include the following:

  • Propane Furnaces and Boilers heat your home reliably and quickly. Propane furnaces have been shown to consistently heat air to 115 to 125 degrees, regardless of how cold it is outside. *
  • Propane-Fired Water Heaters offer abundant hot water and require considerably less energy to run than electric water heaters. Propane Tankless Water Heaters provide virtually unlimited hot water—right on-demand!
  • Propane Clothes Dryers dry laundry 25 percent faster than electric dryers—with fewer wrinkles and less static cling.
  • Propane-Fired Ranges and Ovens provide immediate heat and precise temperature control that no electric range can match.
  • Propane-Fired Gas Logs and Fireplace Inserts provide stunning ambiance and cozy supplemental heat. Even better, The National Association of Realtors says that a working fireplace can increase a home’s market value by as much as $12,000!
  • Propane Generators offer dependable backup electricity, freeing you from relying on an overburdened grid. Plus, they’re powered by a fuel that has a virtually infinite shelf life.

Propane for Outdoor Living

As many great uses as propane has inside your home, it’s just as helpful outdoors. You can power the following outdoor living amenities:

  • Propane Grills are the most popular outdoor cooking option in the country.
  • Propane Firepits create warmth and are a perfect s’more-roasting option or a place to gather around on a cool, summer or fall evening.
  • Propane Patio Heaters keep the party going, even when the night turns chilly.
  • Propane Pool and Spa Heaters extend your swimming season into the fall and make moonlight swims extra-soothing.
  • Propane Lighting imparts a lovely glow to your patio, walkways, doorways, and pool area.
  • Propane Bug Traps put an end to mosquito bites, without the citronella smell.

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*Source: Propane Education & Research Council (PERC)