3 reasons why you should choose Blue Flame

3 happy reasons

Blue Flame sets itself apart from other fuel companies in the southern New Jersey area by offering you outstanding services, at reasonable prices. It’s that simple! So, if you’re new to the area, or just looking to switch from your current provider, look no further than us. In fact, we also have a pretty sweet deal for coming on board…and that’s just the beginning!

When you become a Blue Flame residential propane customer, your first tank filling is only $1.99 a gallon. Yes, you read that right! You’ll get all the best that propane offers for your home: reliable whole-home and water heating, fuel for the propane appliances in your home like stoves, dryers and fireplaces…And you’ll enjoy it more with that nice discount, too.

Payment options that fit your budget

Even after that first low-cost tank filling, Blue Flame helps you with keeping your propane bills easy to manage. Customers can use our free SmartPay plan that allows you a consistent, set bill amount every month, instead of irregular, fluctuating amounts depending on how much propane you used. This means level payments throughout the year rather than unsightly spikes in the winter months!

Combine that with our AutoPay plan to give you that peace of mind that your bill will always be paid on time! This plan arranges automatic payments every month from your credit or debit card, or direct payments from your bank. Every year, more customers ask us to set up their account this way because it’s just plain easy!

Delivery options that fit your schedule

One of the advantages Blue Flame offers is being a locally-owned company. We’re responsive to your needs and our trained and certified propane professionals are right here in southern NJ to deliver propane when you need it, with options that work for you.

Automatic delivery is the most popular option with our customers. Blue Flame’s system tracks your prior propane usage and schedules a delivery when it estimates your tank is 30% full. You don’t have to worry about scheduling a delivery, or monitoring the gauge!

And, if you do want an extra measure of protection when it comes to keeping your propane tank full, Blue Flame offers wireless tank monitoring, too! It monitors your actual propane usage and sends us an alert when it’s time for us to come and fill your propane tank. This option is ideal for homes with irregular propane usage, like if you use a propane-powered generator during power outages, or have a house on the Shore that isn’t regularly occupied.

For reliable propane deliveries in our New Jersey service area, no one beats the pros at Blue Flame. Contact us today to become a Blue Flame customer!

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