Enroll in Our SmartPay Plan! There’s Still Time!

This Is Your LAST CHANCE To Lower Your Monthly Payments Before the Fall Season!

propane delivery new jerseyBetween cookouts, beach days, and getting ready for Back-to-School season, this is a busy time of year. But taking a few minutes to enroll in our SmartPay plan will make your life much easier in the months ahead—where you’ll enjoy more far control over your propane costs.

How Does SmartPay Work?

Look at your last few propane bill statements. You will likely see that your gas usage—and your costs—fluctuate a great deal from month-to-month due to seasonal changes.

Here in the Southern New Jersey-area, it’s undoubtedly true that your fuel costs are highest in the winter when you rely on propane for heating your home. That is also when you are dealing with expenses from the holidays and the forthcoming tax season.

Budgeting for monthly propane costs can be an anxiety-inducing task in this regard. What makes SmartPay so convenient is that there are no more ups and downs on your propane bill. We’ll take your annual propane costs and spread them out over eight easy, even monthly payments from August through to April of 2022.

Now you’ll know—in advance—exactly how much you will be paying for your propane each month. With no spikes and no surprises, planning your budget becomes so much easier!

AutoPay: Added Ease and Convenience!

Save yourself the hassle of remembering to pay your bill by enrolling in AutoPay!

Your monthly payments will be automatically deducted from credit card, debit card, or bank account. Your payments will always be up to date. If you use a credit card with rewards to make your Poore’s payment, and you will earn that card’s benefits even quicker!

Enjoy Automatic Deliveries and More!

In cold weather, running out of propane is a big problem. Without heat, your home will be uncomfortably if not dangerously cold. Pipes can freeze and burst.

All it takes for these things to happen is forgetting to check your propane tank gauge. However, Blue Flame has two easy ways to avoid the expense and hassle of a propane runout: Automatic Delivery and Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring.

With Automatic Delivery, we use a sophisticated computer system to track your propane usage based on your usage history and current weather conditions. With this data, we accurately predict when you’ll need propane and schedule a delivery before you run low.

If you want even more precise control of your propane supply, wireless propane tank monitoring uses wireless and cellular technology to let us know in real time exactly how much propane is in your tank. Once it reaches a set level, we’re alerted and make a propane delivery to your home. You can even access this information yourself right through a user-friendly smartphone app!

Take advantage of this great opportunity to better control your propane costs. Contact us today to get started on enrolling in SmartPay!