American-made Propane On The Farm

Grow your local farm’s successes with Blue Flame!

agricultural propaneFarmers like the ones here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are some of the hardest-working people around. With a world of 7 billion people to feed, working 9-to-5 is not going to cut it. In fact, more than half of farmers in the United States report that they work 10 to 14 hours a day, or even longer.

When farmers like you have that much work to do, you need all the help you can get to keep your farm efficient, productive, and profitable. Put propane on the job! It’s clean, greener, versatile, and, because the overwhelming majority of the propane supply in the United States is produced domestically, it’s a fuel source you can always count on. In fact, we have such an abundant supply that the U.S. is a net exporter of propane. Thus, farms all over the world can take advantage of all propane can do.

And you can count on Blue Flame’s reliable service to help you get the job done with propane.

The many things propane can do

Propane provides heating for barns, greenhouses, poultry houses, and other buildings. It can heat water in those buildings as well.

With propane, you get effective, cost-efficient crop drying so you make the most of your harvest.

Propane can run equipment ranging from forklifts to irrigation.

When you use propane-powered flame weed control, you can get rid of weeds in your field without having to use dangerous herbicides that pollute the soil and water.

And propane can do all of this with your fuel supply right there at your farm. You won’t be dependent on an electrical grid or natural gas supply lines.

Blue Flame can help you take advantage of all of the benefits of propane. If you use forklifts, our on-site forklift tank exchange service lets you have the propane you need for powerful, efficient forklifts.

We install propane tanks and have the dependable propane delivery service you need.

Contact us to learn more about what Blue Flame can do for your local farm and business. We’re standing by and ready to assist.