3 Ways To Make Life Easier: Autopay, Tank Monitoring, Online Bill Pay

Blue Flame makes managing your propane easy as 1, 2, 3!

service options new jerseyHave you been spending more time at home lately? If so, you may have been giving some thought to ways you can make your life easier, whether it’s de-cluttering old desk drawers and cabinets, or finding more efficient ways of going about your daily tasks.

Blue Flame can help with both of those! We make managing your propane supply and account even easier with conveniences like Wireless Tank Monitoring, Autopay, and Online Bill Pay!

Tank Monitoring

You can cross a couple of things off your to-do list with this including going outside to check your propane tank gauge levels AND having to call us ahead of time to schedule a delivery – all when you enroll in wireless tank monitoring!

Our wireless tank monitoring tracks your propane usage in real-time. We know exactly how much propane is in your tank, at any point, 24/7. And so will you, thanks to the wireless tank monitoring app that comes with it! This information will let us schedule a delivery to your home before you ever run low. It’s the ultimate in peace of mind!

Tank monitoring is especially good for people with second homes or who travel frequently. You can be sure that we’re on top of your propane supply no matter how often you’re home or away.

Online bill pay

Is paper clutter a problem in your house? Is it hard to find important mail because everything is in a big pile on the dining table or your desk? Reduce your clutter and make it easy to manage your Blue Flame account with online bill pay! Start by creating your online account, which is easy because all you need is your current account number found on your most recent invoice.

Once you enroll, you can pay your bill whenever you want. 2 a.m.? Great. On the road at a relatives house? No problem. There’s no hassle, and no need to write out a check or find a stamp.

With an online account, you can also view past statements, and review past service and delivery dates. And if you have multiple accounts, you can link them to keep thing streamlined.


Another task you can take off your to-do list is remembering to pay your Blue Flame bill altogether when you enroll in Autopay! That’s because your bill is automatically deducted from your credit card or checking account each month. You’ll always be on time, and won’t have to move a muscle.

Contact us to find out more about these great options and all the benefits the pros at Blue Flame can provide for your home or business!