How To Avoid a Heating System Breakdown

Servicing Your Propane Boiler or Furnace Pays Off with Savings and Peace of Mind

heating service new jerseyAs we reach the beginning of fall, temperatures in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey are starting to dip. And while you might enjoy the arrival of sweater weather and turning leaves, winter is not that far away. This is your last best chance to schedule your boiler or furnace’s annual tune-up before our technicians get an influx of cold-weather emergency calls.

We know that prices on everything from unleaded gas to ground beef are higher this year and skipping your yearly maintenance call might be tempting. But that’s a bad idea. You see, annual service is a relatively small expense that leads to bigger cost savings. These savings come in the form of lower fuel usage, fewer repairs, and a lower likelihood that you’ll need to replace your heating equipment.

And there are unpleasant repercussions to skipping service. Consider all these risks from missing an annual heating tune-up:

Reduced—and More Expensive—Heating System Performance

Your heating system may have some typical issues after a year of usage, which might hinder its operation. These include dirty air filters, blockages, and poorly calibrated components.

These issues are easy to fix if your equipment receives routine maintenance. If you don’t get a yearly tune-up, they will end up straining your heating system. The result is a system that burns a lot of fuel to keep you comfortable—and higher propane bills because of it.

Safety Concerns

Heating equipment that doesn’t receive regular service can also be a danger to your home.

During the year, forced-air heating systems collect soot, dust, and debris. Our technicians can clean it out during your tune-up to ensure these pollutants don’t affect your indoor air quality. Cleaning the heating system prevents aggravating allergy and asthma symptoms.

Carbon monoxide infiltration is an even more serious health concern, whether because of a leaking exhaust line or propane not fully burning in your equipment. Carbon monoxide inhibits the body’s ability to take in oxygen, causing headaches, nausea and even death. Our technicians can catch potential infiltration and fix it quickly.

Expensive Repairs and a Shorter System Lifespan

Your service professional keeps an eye out for minor problems that might be cropping up. These may be inexpensive fixes during a tune-up, but if you leave them unchecked, they can cause a system failure and an expensive repair call.

Each breakdown of your furnace or boiler reduces its overall longevity. An annual tune-up saves you from spending thousands of dollars on replacing your heating system!

Voiding Your Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you miss your annual furnace or boiler tune-up, your manufacturer’s warranty could be null and void. Annual maintenance is commonly a part of your warranty agreement. So, if your furnace breaks down and you skipped the tune-up, you will likely have to pay for the entire repair cost out of pocket.

The Blue Flame team is ready to tune up your heating equipment before winter arrives! Drop us a line today to arrange a service call.