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energy efficiency

Make A More Energy Efficient Home And Save Money

A little effort now can lead to big savings later! Halloween is getting closer. That means the time to turn on the furnace or boiler in your home here in southern New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania is also getting closer too! Are you worried about rising energy costs for heating your home? Don’t be! We […]

propane tank size

Is A 250-gallon Propane Tank Right For My House?

You can count on Blue Flame’s propane tank expertise! Are you shopping around for a new propane tank for your home? You’re not alone. A lot of people are, whether they’re building a new home, replacing an old tank at their current home, going bigger because they’ve added more propane appliances like ranges and clothes […]

fall propane tank

Is Fall the Perfect Time to Fill Your Propane Tank?

Blue Flame can help you beat the fill-up rush! Some people love the coming of fall and all it brings: the changing leaf colors, the sweaters, heartier foods like stews and pies. But don’t let all the leaf-peeping and pumpkin spice everything keep you from an important to-do: getting your propane tank filled by Blue […]

propane exchange

Fueling Your Forklift Fleet Year-round

Great performance and great service! If you work in an industry that uses forklifts to move materials around, you may have seen propane forklifts and wondered if they would be a good investment for your business instead of electric or gasoline counterparts. The answer is an emphatic yes! Propane Forklift Advantages Propane forklifts offer several […]

propane patio heater

Propane: Extend Your Summer And Get The Most Out Of Fall

Enjoy your great outdoors more into the late-Fall months Welcome to fall! The lazy, hazy, crazy days of the Summer of 2020 have come to a close. If you’re not quite ready to go inside, we have good news: You don’t have to! And you can thank propane for that. With propane, the back yard […]

Use Our Online Portal Today: It’s Easy!

Manage your Blue Flame account online this season In just a few decades, the internet has radically changed how we live our lives in so many ways: We stay in touch with far-away family and friends with ease. What had to be done during regular business hours can now be done any time of day […]

propane agriculture

American-made Propane On The Farm

Grow your local farm’s successes with Blue Flame! Farmers like the ones here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are some of the hardest-working people around. With a world of 7 billion people to feed, working 9-to-5 is not going to cut it. In fact, more than half of farmers in the United States […]

propane tank exchanve

Labor Day is Nearly Here — Get Your Grill Tanks Ready!

Lil’ Hank’s Tanks Exchange is right near you for a fill-up! Can you believe Labor Day is just around the corner? That means you’re going to need propane grill cylinders for your Labor Day cookout. No need to worry. You can get those propane grill tanks at one of our many Lil’ Hank Tank Exchange […]

The Case For Propane Explained 4 Different Ways

Find out why propane is the proper fuel of choice! More and more of your neighbors here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are turning to propane to not only heat their homes, but power an array of appliances within those homes that help to make the quality of life so much better. What […]

propane vs charcoal

Why Is Propane Better Than Charcoal?

Enjoy fast, easy, delicious grilling with propane from Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange! Summertime is grilling time, right? As we’ve been spending more time at home lately, we’ve been grilling more. And when it comes to grilling, propane simply can’t be beat! While charcoal may get love from the foodies, there’s certainly a lot to love […]