4 Benefits of Propane Tank Monitors

Take the uncertainty out of your propane delivery planning. For many Blue Flame customers, propane is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. From heating homes to fueling cooking ranges and powering hot water systems, this energy source is a versatile, dependable presence. How can you ensure that you don’t run out of propane unexpectedly? […]

Need Gas Line Work Done?

Keep your home’s propane connections safe this spring. Spring is a time for straightening up and getting our households in order. In addition to the dusting, hedge trimming and refrigerator purging, it’s a good idea to take a look at your outdoor propane gas lines. A gas line is the tubing that runs between your […]

Why Is My Propane Grill Tank Hissing?

Responding to propane cylinder pressure and leak issues. Imagine that first big barbecue you’re going to host this spring or summer. You probably expect to hear a lot of laughter and chatter — no doubt there will be tunes playing and bottles and glasses clinking. Also, there will be a sizzle of burgers, chicken wings, […]

How Long Do Forklift Propane Tanks Last?

Best practices around propane cylinder handling for forklift fleets. When we talk to warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and retail managers in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania about their forklift propane needs, they often ask us about how much value they can get from propane versus electric vehicles. These facilities can save a lot of money […]

Want to Install a Propane Tank Monitor?

Tank monitoring safeguards your heating, hot water and other propane appliances. No one likes to turn up their thermostat on a chilly evening and be met with silent vents or cold radiators. Similarly, your life can grind to a halt because you’re suddenly not getting hot water or a flame on your propane range. The […]

Can Propane Gas Freeze?

How frigid winter weather affects propane tanks. We probably don’t need to tell you that sustained freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on your home systems, appliances and other equipment. When the mercury bottoms out in Cape May County and other parts of New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania, cars have trouble starting, furnaces and boilers break […]

Benefits of Using a Forklift Propane Service

Full-service propane cylinder contracts for your forklift fleet. Propane has a range of commercial uses, and for many businesses in the manufacturing, construction, transportation, retail and distribution sectors, it’s an essential forklift fuel. For many decades, the Blue Flame team has supported commercial customers in Trenton and throughout our service area in Southern New Jersey […]

How Long Do Propane Tanks Usually Last?

You can count on a Blue Flame propane tank for the long haul. Propane is one of the most dependable and versatile energy sources a household can use in Toms River or elsewhere in South Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania. The propane tank on your property can power a furnace, boiler, water heater, gas range, fireplace […]

Who Takes Propane Tanks For Disposal?

Propane cylinder recycling in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania Hopefully, your home’s propane grill worked without incident or interruption throughout the summer. Now that the cold weather has arrived, and the burgers, sausages and salmon filets are no longer sizzling, you might have put your barbecue under a cover for the winter. How did […]

How Hot Does Propane Burn?

Everything you need to know about your heating fuel! While the winter temperatures have been up and down in Cape May, Doylestown and other South Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania communities, it’s still good to know you have a home heating system you can rely on. The households that Blue Flame serves depend on furnaces and […]