Will Hot Temperatures Affect Your Propane?

Understanding propane tank volume fluctuations and safe storage. There’s no denying that we’ve been dealing with some sweltering, steamy weather this year. That’s true in Delaware County, Blue Flame’s entire southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania service area and pretty much the whole U.S. It’s safe to say you haven’t needed your boiler or furnace […]

Propane Tank Monitors Prevent Run-Outs

Take uncertainty out of the equation with your propane deliveries. Take a look around your home and consider how many of your appliances and amenities depend on propane. Blue Flame customers rely on propane for their home heating equipment, water heaters, stoves, ovens, dryers and standby generators. Their home propane tanks also provide fuel for […]

How To Replace Your Propane Grill Tank

Be sure to barbecue safely this summer with our Lil’ Hank’s cylinders. The weather is just about perfect these days for some outdoor dining. From Bucks County, PA, to Atlantic County, NJ, Blue Flame customers are firing up their propane grills to toss on some burgers, salmon steaks, Italian sausages and many other sizzling delicacies. […]

Propane Gas Leak Symptoms

Let’s discuss the ways to identify a gas leak. Propane is a home fuel that serves purposes every month of the year. In the winter, you might use a propane furnace or boiler to stay warm. In the summer, propane is essential to fire up grills, heat pools and light firepits. All year round, homeowners […]

Can You Do Your Own Gas Line Work?

Leave propane gas connections to the professionals. When you are a homeowner, it’s natural to want to handle as much of the work on your property yourself as possible. We talk to customers in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania who take care of their own landscaping, painting, shelving, etc. However, there are certain jobs […]

Is Your Propane Tank in Good Shape?

Blue Flame has propane tank solutions to suit your home’s needs. Every week, we hear from new homeowners in Somerset County and all throughout our service region in Southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania. Many of these folks have never had a home with propane equipment in it, and they aren’t sure what to do […]

How to Get a Propane Cylinder Exchange

Grill tank services can boost your business profile and revenue. There are a few undeniable truths in our world. Just as day follows night and the seasons change, homeowners in Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and Mayland need propane cylinders to power their grills at this time of year. The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association […]

How Long Will Your Propane Last

Can you leave fuel in your propane tank for “too long?” At Blue Flame, we’re proud to supply fuel to homes and businesses in Southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania that they can use all year round. Whether you have a single propane cylinder fueling your gas grill or a propane tank supplying fuel for […]

Does Your Business Need Forklift Propane Service?

On-site propane cylinder delivery makes forklift fueling a breeze. Think about what would happen to your warehouse, industrial facility, shipping center or worksite if you were unable to fuel your propane forklifts. How quickly would your commercial operations grind to a halt? What would be the cost to your bottom line? Propane forklifts have long […]

4 Benefits of Propane Tank Monitors

Take the uncertainty out of your propane delivery planning. For many Blue Flame customers, propane is not a luxury but an absolute necessity. From heating homes to fueling cooking ranges and powering hot water systems, this energy source is a versatile, dependable presence. How can you ensure that you don’t run out of propane unexpectedly? […]