save money with budget payment

Save Money Year-round With Smart Pay

Take Control Of Your Propane Costs Let’s face it, this is a time filled with uncertainty. We feel like very little is within our control because of the COVID-19 outbreak, from our jobs to whether or not we’re going to be able to find the usual staples like toilet paper in the grocery stores. One […]

how propane is made

How Is Propane Made? Where Does It Come From?

LEARN ABOUT THIS CLEAN, GREEN AND VERSATILE ENERGY SOURCE If you use propane in your home, or when you pick up a fresh cylinder of propane for your BBQ grill from a Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange location near you, you likely have wondered where that propane actually comes from. Wonder no more! We’re here to […]

Spring Energy Saving Tips For Your Home

Energy Efficiency Helps Save You Money When you think about efforts to save money on your energy bills, you probably imagine a lot of hassle and discomfort. Quite the contrary – It doesn’t have to be that way! You can reduce your energy usage in your southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania home today by […]

propane landscaping fleet

Fuel Your Landscaping Fleet With Propane

DISCOVER ALL THAT PROPANE CAN DO! As spring and warmer weather arrives here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, your landscaping business should be picking up soon. You are also likely looking to grow your business with new clients. We have a way to make your business operations more efficient and cost-effective. It will […]

Automatic Propane Delivery Vs. Will-call

The Pros And The Cons There are many advantages to using Blue Flame as your propane delivery provider. Blue Flame is locally owned and locally operated. Our propane delivery drivers are trained and experienced, and know our service area here and in eastern Pennsylvania like only locals can. We offer prompt, courteous, personal service that […]

propane tank sizes

What Size Propane Tank Should I Install At My Home?

Trust Blue Flame With Safe Propane Tank Installation Do you know how great propane is as a fuel option for your home here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania? There are many communities and neighborhoods here with no access to natural gas lines. But with propane, we can enjoy all the benefits of gas […]

buying a new home

Buying A New Home: Is Propane Heat Better Than Natural Gas?

Find Out All The Benefits Of Propane Are you house-hunting? If so, you have a lot of things to consider. Fixer or turn-key? Hardwood floors or carpeting? Open concept floor plan or more defined spaces? There’s something else to think about: Propane or natural gas? Don’t let whether or not there is a natural gas […]

How Do I Check The Level Of My Propane Tank?

A NICE HOW-TO PLUS WIRELESS TANK MONITORING INFORMATION Propane’s versatility makes it great for your New Jersey home. You can use it for heating, cooking, water heating, clothes drying and more. That’s why making sure you always have enough propane is essential. Running out of propane means your home is without heat, hot water and […]

Blue Flame: Serving Our Neighbors In Eastern Pennsylvania

Join our New Jersey friends in having a dependable propane company! At Blue Flame, we love our customers here in southern New Jersey. But if you’re in eastern Pennsylvania (or central New Jersey), you too can get that love! That’s right, the opportunity to get Blue Flame’s propane services for both homes and businesses goes […]

Should I Sleep With The Space Heater On?

PUT SAFETY FIRST WHEN USING PROPANE SPACE HEATERS While this winter has been relatively mild here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, it can still get pretty cold at night. If the chill in your bedroom is keeping you from a good night’s rest, you might be tempted to warm up the room by […]