Propane Safety: Protect Your Home In Winter Storms

FOLLOW THESE FIVE TIPS As you know, winter weather can, at times, rear its ugly head in southern New Jersey. Whether it brings snowstorms, ice storms or bitter cold, that weather can also be dangerous. That’s why practicing proper propane safety is essential to keeping your home and family safe in bad winter weather. We’ve […]

Winter grilling

Using Propane For Your BBQ Grill During Winter

Get the grilling you crave even in the cold! When it starts getting chillier in the fall, many of us clean up our propane BBQ grills and put the grill cover on until next spring. Why wait until spring? With some minor adjustments, you can use your propane BBQ grill in the winter and enjoy […]

Don’t Forget To Fuel And Run Your Propane Generator

HAVE POWER WHEN YOU NEED IT MOST The forecast for this winter here in southern New Jersey looks to be livelier than it was last year (according to these sources! Whether the predicted late-season storms are rain, ice or snow, they can all cause your home to lose power. Weather like this is why there […]

Keep Your Propane Supply Full And Accessible In The Snow

TRUST BLUE FLAME WITH YOUR PROPANE NEEDS As we mail our letters to Santa, look for our latke recipe, or send out holiday cards, we want to make sure your home is kept warm, comfortable and safe during this most wonderful time of the year. We have a few tips to help you with that. […]

Does Propane Freeze In Colder Temperatures?

THE SCIENCE OF PROPANE Winters can get very cold here in southern New Jersey. For example, in Camden, NJ, the average low temperature in January is 23 degrees. And it can get much colder than that when the polar vortex pays us a visit as it has in recent winters. It’s understandable that if you […]

Save On Energy Costs This Winter With Propane

HOW PROPANE IS SUPERIOR TO ELECTRICITY WHEN IT’S COLD OUTSIDE Winter brings a lot of great things. The December holidays. Christmas cookies. Latkes. Building snowmen. A weekend skiing. What’s not so great is the increased energy costs that come from having to keep your New Jersey home as the weather gets cold. And that’s especially […]

How To Use Propane Heaters Safely On The Job

COUNT ON BLUE FLAME FOR PROPANE ON YOUR WINTER JOB SITE As winter weather gets closer here in southern New Jersey, construction and renovation businesses are planning how to manage their projects over these cold months. Winter presents unique challenges to construction and renovation projects. Cold temps can slow down tasks, and prevent some jobs […]

How Does Using Propane Benefit Your Restaurant?

IMPROVE YOUR FOOD AND EXPAND YOUR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES! The restaurant business is an exciting one – It’s also challenging, loaded with competition, and has customers who can be fickle, at times. Choosing how to power your southern New Jersey restaurant business to maximize profit and minimize headaches is a critical decision – but don’t worry […]

What Is The Auto Delivery Option?

GET PEACE OF MIND WITH BLUE FLAME’S AUTOMATIC PROPANE DELIVERY Life is pretty busy right now. With school activities, sports leagues, fall housecleaning and other chores, and holiday preparations, you have a jam-packed to-do list. Why not take scheduling your Blue Flame propane delivery off that list? It’s easy: Just sign up for our automatic […]

Tank monitor

Do I Need A Tank Monitor? I Never Run Out Of Propane

GET EVEN MORE PEACE OF MIND WITH A PROPANE TANK MONITOR When you have automatic propane delivery from Blue Flame, you know the great feeling that comes with knowing our computer system keeps track of your normal propane usage and factors in how cold the weather is. We use that to make sure we deliver […]