Why Choose Propane Forklifts for Your Business?

PROPANE FORKLIFTS: A SAFE, COST-EFFECTIVE, CLEAN BURNING ALTERNATIVE TO ELECTRIC Forklifts are business workhorses, keeping inventory moving in warehouses, distributions centers, construction sights, shipping and recycling facilities, and manufacturing locations throughout southern NJ and eastern PA. Choosing the right forklift for your southern NJ business can help your whole operation run better – a big reason […]


WE MAKE MANAGING YOUR PROPANE DELIVERIES AND BILL PAYING EASIER THAN EVER At Blue Flame, we’re all about making your life easier and more comfortable – and we’re kicking that high standard of customer service up a notch with our new and improved customer account portal. New Account Features When you use our new online account […]

Are You Using More Propane Than You Think?

THERE’S A PROPANE TANK MONITOR FOR THAT! Automatic Propane Delivery works great for most of our New Jersey customers – but sometimes, there are challenges for homes with more unique propane delivery needs. Blue Flame has a solution: wireless propane tank monitoring. Here’s how it works: instead of estimates based on past use of propane gas, […]

Payment Options Made Easy with Blue Flame

THE BENEFITS OF AUTOMATIC DELIVERY AND AUTOPAY Life is busy – your to-do list is pretty jammed. Let Blue Flame take some of the load off with Automatic Propane Delivery and AutoPay options that make managing your propane usage easy. Automatic Propane Delivery Means Less Hassle When you’re on a will-call plan, the responsibility is […]

Fire Up Your Propane Grill with some Fun Summer Recipes!

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Season There’s nothing like summer in southern New Jersey. And one of the best parts is firing up your propane grill for a break from the kitchen on a lovely summer evening! But, if the usual fare of hot dogs, burgers and chicken breasts isn’t exciting you, we’re here to help […]


KEEP THE COOKOUT GOING WITH BLUE FLAME Southern New Jersey summers are great for using your propane grill, whether it’s a big family reunion, a seafood boil at your summer rental on the Jersey Shore, a pool party for the kids, or a quick and easy weeknight supper where you don’t have to heat up […]

Propane: Your All-American Fuel

Made Right Here in the USA Another glorious Southern New Jersey summer is here! What do your summer cookout plans involve? Burgers and hot dogs? Kebabs? A clambake, perhaps? Whatever you’re grilling, if you are doing it on a propane grill, you are using a fuel source that is largely produced right here in the […]

3 happy reasons

3 reasons why you should choose Blue Flame

Blue Flame sets itself apart from other fuel companies in the southern New Jersey area by offering you outstanding services, at reasonable prices. It’s that simple! So, if you’re new to the area, or just looking to switch from your current provider, look no further than us. In fact, we also have a pretty sweet […]

The key to teaching your kids about propane safety: Make it fun and memorable!

If you operate propane equipment in your NJ home, one of the most important responsibilities you have is to make sure everyone living there knows what to do in the event of a propane emergency. Of course, “everyone” in this case, includes your children, too! The question is, how do you make these important lessons […]

What do those noises coming from my water heater mean?

Your propane water heater usually labors quietly as it provides the hot water you need for the taps and appliances in your NJ home. But sometimes a water heater can get quite vocal – and if you’re an attentive-enough listener, it may just be telling you what it’s complaining about. Here are four common noises […]