Do Forklifts Use Propane?

The Fuel of Choice for Today’s Industrial Forklifts In 1917, businesses began using the first motorized alternative to the hand truck. It ran on diesel or compressed natural gas, and its popularity grew fast—especially during the industrial boom that occurred during and immediately after World War II. In the 1950s, forklifts started running on propane […]

How Long Will My Grill Tank Last?

Don’t Run Out of Fuel During a Cookout! Dedicated home grillers will be cooking up burgers, sirloins, salmon steaks and ribs across southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania well throughout the fall and even during the winter season. And while propane grills provide the cleanest, most efficient heat you can have at a barbecue, they […]

How Much Propane Does a 2,000 Sq. Ft. Home Require?

Estimating Fuel Storage to Heat Your Home & Power Your Appliances Whether you’re building a new house or converting your existing home to propane, it can be hard to figure out exactly how much fuel you will go through in a day, a month, or a year. At Blue Flame, we understand because we’ve been […]

How To Avoid a Heating System Breakdown

Servicing Your Propane Boiler or Furnace Pays Off with Savings and Peace of Mind As we reach the beginning of fall, temperatures in Eastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey are starting to dip. And while you might enjoy the arrival of sweater weather and turning leaves, winter is not that far away. This is your […]

A Homeowner’s Guide to Propane Tank Parts

Get To Know Your Home Fuel Tank If yours is one of the more than 50 million households that use propane in the United States, there’s a good chance that you own or lease a propane storage tank. At Blue Flame, we sell, lease, and rent top-of-the-line propane tanks—both aboveground and underground—in southern New Jersey […]

Is It Better to Rent or Own Your Propane Tank?

The Pros & Cons of Owning or Leasing Your Tank For most homeowners, installing propane storage opens a world of possibilities. Propane is a versatile, efficient fuel. And once you have a propane tank connected to your home, you can take advantage of several new home amenities, including tankless water heaters, efficient clothes dryers, gas […]

How to Track Propane Supply at a Rental Property

Check Your Tank Levels Wherever You Are Just because you’re not living on a property doesn’t mean you aren’t worried about the amount of propane in the tank. Many of our customers have second homes, investment properties, and vacation rentals in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. So, while they might be on the other […]

Full-Service Propane vs. Discount Suppliers

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better! We get it—everyone’s looking for the best deal available nowadays. And in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, there’s no shortage of fuel retailers. At Blue Flame, we know you want the best possible best price on your home’s propane. It’s why many companies out there make big promises about miraculously […]

Common Propane Grill Issues and How To Fix Them

Get the Most Out of Your Propane Grill This Summer When you have a fully functional propane grill, you can feel like the king or queen of summer. Propane’s efficiency and temperature control let you cook just about anything to perfection on your barbecue! But when something goes wrong with the grill, your summer fun […]

Save on Home Energy Costs While on Vacation

Energy Saving Tips for Some Extra Cash This Summer After two years of lockdowns and closures, summer fun is back again! More and more families are hitting the road to enjoy some time well deserved away. Unfortunately, fun isn’t the only thing on the rise—prices are elevated at gas stations, restaurants, and nearly everything in […]