How Can You Detect a Propane Leak?

Important Propane Tips to Keep You and Your Loved Ones Safe Do you use propane to power your home’s heating equipment, hot water systems, or major appliances? So many households from Hunterdon, NJ to Greater Philadelphia, PA rely on this versatile and efficient fuel. At Blue Flame, we’re honored to be their trusted propane delivery […]

How Efficient Are Propane-Powered Forklifts?

Commercial Businesses are Relying More and More on Propane Power! Warehouses, worksites, manufacturing, and distribution centers all count on their fleets of forklifts to stay productive and profitable. With that comes many power options for forklifts, including gasoline, diesel, electricity, and propane. In Cherry Hill, Vineland, Doylestown and West Chester, Blue Flame Gas of NJ […]

When Should I Get a Heating System Tune-Up?

Service Your HVAC Equipment in the Spring and Enjoy Efficiency Savings Next Winter With winter giving way to spring, many families in Bucks, Atlantic, Burlington, Cape May, and nearby counties have started cleaning and preparing for the warm weather. We hope that you don’t forget about your heating system! Spring is a fantastic time to […]

Propane vs. Charcoal Grills

Comparing Barbecue Options for Price, Heat, Flavor and Cleanup With spring just around the corner, the age-old debate between gas and charcoal grills will no doubt ignite once again. Indeed, both sides of the argument have their valid points. Some argue that charcoal provides better heat. Others point out that propane is more convenient. At […]

What Is A Propane Tank Monitor?

A Wireless Tank Monitor Can Prevent Unexpected Propane Runouts! At this time of year, homes in Atlantic County, Bucks County, and across Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania depend on propane to stay warm no matter how icy it gets outside. Propane provides robust, dependable heat…but you need to keep on top of checking your […]

12 Household Appliances Powered by Propane

What Appliances Can You Upgrade? We’ll Show You! You have more choices than you might realize when it comes to the energy you use in your home. And there’s a reason that upwards of 50 million American homes use propane in some capacity. It’s a clean, efficient, and incredibly versatile fuel. Propane burns with exceptional […]

What Is a Propane Tank Lease?

Is It Smarter to Lease a Tank or Buy One? From Brown Mills and Lakewood to West Chester and Philadelphia, homeowners in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are increasingly turning to propane for heating, hot water, and a range of home appliances and amenities. At Blue Flame, we always strive to make switching to […]

4 Steps To Prepare for a Winter Propane Delivery

Help Our Team Stay on Schedule & Deliver Your Fuel More Efficiently When the winter season is fully upon us, our propane delivery drivers are behind the wheel non-stop on roads from Cape May and Toms River to West Chester and Doylestown. So, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that many families in Southern […]

How Does a Propane Furnace Work?

Getting Familiar with Your Home’s Heating Equipment Let’s be honest: your furnace is one of the priciest pieces of equipment in your home—and one of the most vital! A furnace, and the forced-air heating system it powers, are like an investment in your family’s safety and comfort. You want to ensure it’s working at peak […]

Is Propane Better Than Natural Gas for Home Heating?

Comparing Two Popular Energy Choices What is the difference between propane and natural gas? Surprisingly, we hear that question quite often—even from people that use one, or both, of these fuels in their homes right now! And to be fair, it’s understandable given that propane- and natural gas-burning equipment work very similarly. Indeed, propane comes […]