How to Store Your Grill Tank During Colder Months

Tips for safe storage of portable propane cylinders We hope you enjoyed some epic cookouts during the warmer months in Bucks County, PA, Cape May County, NJ, and the other areas that Blue Flame proudly serves. Unfortunately, grilling season will soon be behind us as temperatures drop by the day. Let’s discuss how you can […]

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Leasing vs. Owning a Propane Tank

What are the pros and cons of buying a fuel tank for your home? The homes we serve in Cherry Hill, Gloucester Township, Vineland, Doylestown, West Chester and elsewhere in New Jersey and Pennsylvania use propane in various ways. Their unique fuel needs help determine what kind of storage tank they need. One home may […]

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Where Does Propane Come From?

Propane is a versatile, American-made home fuel. Whether you use propane to heat your home or fuel a freestanding grill, you enjoy the benefits of a predominately U.S.-made energy source. At Blue Flame, we appreciate that the households we serve care about the origin, composition and performance of the fuel we deliver. They want to […]

A Guide to Cooking With Your Propane Grill

Grilling Made Easy The Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association recently surveyed American grillers and found that 61 percent use propane as their barbecue’s fuel. This makes a lot of sense since propane offers superior heat control and ease of use. Think about grilling with charcoal. You need to get a heavy bag of coals and […]

Propane: Sustainable, Efficient, and Clean-Burning

Propane is a green — and renewable propane is even greener. Like so many of the families we serve, we believe that we need to do everything possible to combat and reverse the harmful effects of climate change. Customers often ask us how clean and renewable propane gas is. We are happy to report that […]

Fueling Family Adventures with Portable Propane Tanks

Power for grills, rvs, and outdoor amenities. Do you know what we mean when we say that propane is a portable fuel? It means that propane goes where you need it. Because of its unique physical properties, it can be stored as a liquid under pressure. You can also transport it in small, portable propane […]

The Versatility of Propane

10 uses of propane, from grilling to heating your home. Propane is one of the most popular home fuels around. It’s an abundant, efficient, American-made energy source with various uses around the home. As the premier propane delivery company in Bucks, Atlantic, Burlington and Cape May counties, Blue Flame can help you get the most […]

Powering Your Warehouse: Why Propane Forklifts?

Propane offers more power, lower emissions and cost savings. For decades, propane has powered forklifts in warehouses, distribution centers, work sites and other commercial ventures. It’s been a resiliently popular fuel for many reasons. In this post, we want to explore some of the main reasons businesses choose propane forklifts over other options. 1. Air […]

Reading Your Propane Tank’s Gauge

Partnering with Blue Flame means never running out of propane gas. With the cold weather months behind us in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, you’re probably using less propane than you do when your boiler or furnace is running full-time. Still, you can’t afford to be without this versatile home fuel. Homes in Cape […]

Propane Delivery Options for Your Home

Blue Flame has a range of fuel delivery plans for your home We like to call residential propane a year-round fuel. When temperatures are icy in Cape May, Vineland, Cherry Hill, Princeton, Philadelphia, West Chester or other cities and towns we serve, propane is essential for home heating. During milder and warm months, Blue Flame […]