Propane Gas Has Many Names

Become Familiar the Ways Propane Is Identified We sometimes have customers ask if a particular appliance or system is powered by propane. The confusion normally arises because they hear propane referred to by another name. There are several terms that refer to the fuel that we call most commonly call propane. Here’s a quick primer […]

What Size Propane Cylinder Do I Need?

Your Guide For Portable Propane Tanks & Cylinders If you’ve recently purchased a propane-powered firepit, grill, or other appliance, you might not be sure what type of fuel tank it requires. The same might be true of a newly acquired RV or motorhome. For portable propane tanks and cylinders, choosing the right size for your […]

Propane Pool Heaters Keep the Perfect Temp

Jump Right In…the Water’s Fine! Everyone loves a refreshing dip in the pool on a sweltering day. In southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, the mid-summer gets steamy, but what about early and late in the season? And what about the evenings when it starts to cool down? If your pool water is ice cold, […]

The SmartPay Plan: Why Enroll This Year?

Cut Your Winter Propane Bills in Half We have received a lot of phone calls from customers concerned about propane prices, which have surged to unprecedented levels because of outside factors including the war in Ukraine, and its subsequent ripple effects. Right now, all energy prices are up. Fortunately, propane has increased the least of […]

Making the Switch From Electricity to Propane Power

Conversion Is Fast, Simple, and a Gateway to Home Energy Savings Being a homeowner often means trying to get the most utility for the least money from your HVAC system and appliances. With energy prices fluctuating, people tend to wonder which fuel is best: electricity or propane? While both electricity and propane can power a […]

Don’t Run Out of Propane Before Memorial Day!

Keep Your Barbecue Sizzling with Lil’ Hanks Propane Cylinders Memorial Day is nearly here, and grilling is on the agenda for countless Americans. Whether you’re going with classic burgers and hot dogs or mixing it up with some impossible patties or seafood, you’ll want to make sure you have enough fuel to keep your barbecue […]

Don’t Skip Your Heating System Tune-Up!

Let’s Get Your Furnace or Boiler Ready for Next Winter—Today! Frigid nights and out-of-nowhere snowstorms are behind us now. No doubt, you’ve shut down your heating system for the season and your thoughts are all about air conditioning. However, this is actually an excellent time to call Blue Flame and have your heating equipment serviced. […]

Should I Install a Propane or Electric Water Heater?

Comparing Energy Costs, Efficiency, and More! If your home’s water heater is 10 years old or older, there’s a good chance that it’s on borrowed time. That’s because the typical lifespan of a conventional water heater with a tank is around ten to twelve years, even with proper maintenance along the way. So, if this […]

How to Properly Clean Your Propane BBQ Grill

A Little Cleaning Goes a Long Way for Safe, Enjoyable Grilling Now is the time of year when the hearty fare is getting old. We’re all looking forward to the lighter, brighter food of spring and summer! Many of those mouth-watering meals will be made on propane grills. What’s better? Blue Flame makes propane grilling […]

Understanding the Energy Market and Price Fluctuations

The Realities of Propane Pricing and Supply Here at Blue Flame, we’ve been receiving some phone calls lately about two related concerns: the recent spike in fuel costs and potential supply issues. As you’ve likely noticed at the gas pumps, prices have been extremely volatile. Propane costs have also fluctuated dramatically and swiftly, thus, many […]