Propane Forklifts: A Worthy Investment For Your Business

Enjoy More Power And More Productivity!

forklift gas refill new jerseyIn a challenging economy such as the one we’re in, every investment is critical.

If your business uses forklifts, you need forklifts that will provide maximum productivity with minimal downtime or expense.

Propane forklifts do that better than any other kind of forklift. An investment in forklifts will reward your business with everything gasoline and electric forklifts cannot.

You can get these rewards by investing in propane forklifts and using the Blue Flame Forklift Propane Tank Refill Service to keep your propane forklifts running.

We know something about tank exchanges, thanks to our successful Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange. We apply the knowledge and insights gained through that to provide reliable, safe, cost-efficient propane forklift cylinder exchange services to businesses all over our service area of Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Blue Flame’s commercial propane experts will thoroughly discuss with you your business’s propane needs and set up a customized delivery plan for you. We provide flexible options, long-term contracts as well as month-to-month contracts.

Safety is our top priority, so we will not only handle and deliver your forklift cylinders safely, but we will also train your employees in propane safety and the safe handling of forklift cylinders, comply with all regulations, provide safe and secure storage at your site, and inspect all cylinders for damage or leaks.

What Kind Of Businesses Use Propane Forklifts?

Propane forklifts provide advantages to all kinds of businesses including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouses
  • Chemical Plants
  • Recycling Facilities
  • Construction
  • Distribution Centers
  • Retail
  • Paving
  • Roofing
  • Farms

The Advantages Of Propane Forklifts

Investing in propane forklifts for your business pays off in many ways:

Productivity. Electric forklifts are sidelined for eight hours or longer for recharging when they run out of power. That means you’re without that forklift for an entire shift. Refueling a propane forklift takes less than five minutes. All your workers need to do is remove the empty tank and install a full one, and they are back to work.

Power. This is another way propane leaves electricity in the dust when it comes to forklifts. Propane forklifts run at full power right up until the cylinder runs out of propane and needs to be replaced. An average propane forklift cylinder can keep your forklift going for eight hours. Electric forklifts lose power as the battery is drained, becoming less effective over time. Propane forklifts are better on inclines and can handle heavier loads than electric forklifts.

Use wet or dry. Most electric forklifts cannot work in wet conditions. If you need work done in rain or mud, your electric forklift is likely useless. Propane forklifts, on the other hand, can work in both wet and dry conditions safely and efficiently.

Clean burning means less maintenance. Because clean-burning propane leaves fewer deposits, your propane forklift engine will last longer and need less maintenance. Clean burning propane is also better for the environment than electricity, which is mostly produced by coal-fired power plants.

Get safe, dependable propane forklift cylinder exchange service with Blue Flame. Contact us to see what we can do for your business today!