Can Propane Go Bad?

Propane has a practically unlimited shelf life.

propane expiration cape may county, nj If you use propane to heat your Bucks, Atlantic, Burlington or Cape May County home, you might be looking at a full propane tank right now as you enter part of the year with lower fuel use. You might wonder if the propane in your tank will deteriorate in the months when you aren’t using it. If bread, cheese and medications all have “best-by” dates, does propane have one too?

At Blue Flame, we’ve been delivering high-quality propane for over half a century. We can tell you if propane goes bad.

How long does it take for propane to spoil?

Propane’s shelf life is virtually unlimited. It doesn’t lose combustibility or become “spoiled” in any way. Indeed, the container holding your propane will need to be replaced before the fuel does. A portable propane cylinder should be reinspected every 5 to 10 years, and your home’s stationary fuel tank is designed to last 30 years or more!

As you may imagine, propane’s practically infinite lifespan gives it significant advantages over fuels with shorter shelf lives. For example, propane power generators are much more dependable than their gasoline-powered counterparts, mainly because gasoline’s shelf life is three to six months. If the power goes out, you might find yourself searching for an open service station to power up your gasoline generator and get the lights back on. A propane generator is ready to go at any time.

How are you managing your propane supply?

Having propane as your home fuel is a fantastic choice. Propane is clean-burning and super-efficient. Propane appliances have exceptional fuel efficiencies, often close to 100 percent. Because pretty much all the propane used in the U.S. is domestically produced, propane is less prone to price swings and shortages than other fuels. And propane can power a host of systems and appliances, including stoves, dryers, fireplace inserts and pool heaters.

Of course, you need to be confident that you have adequate fuel storage and a reliable propane supplier. Blue Flame offers ways to take all the uncertainty out of your propane supply.

  • We lease top-quality aboveground and underground propane tanks. When you rent fuel storage from Blue Flame, we handle installation and maintenance. Plus, we can swap out your tank if your fuel usage needs change.
  • We offer free automatic propane delivery. No more checking tank gauges or remembering to call us to avoid a runout. Our state-of-the-art system tracks your tank levels using your customer history and current weather forecasts. Then, we deliver your propane right when you need it. Leave all the planning to Blue Flame!
  • You can take advantage of SmartPay, our free monthly budget program. Instead of getting hit with huge bills in the fall and winter, you can spread your propane costs over the course of the year in low monthly installments.

Countless Pennsylvania and New Jersey families trust Blue Flame to keep their homes comfortable all year round. Get in touch with our team today to become a customer.