propane vs. natural gas new jerseyBoth propane and natural gas are popular choices for home heating.

If you are making the decision of whether to use propane or natural gas for your southern New Jersey home, we have some facts for you to show where propane has the clear advantage!

Propane is a more efficient fuel

Natural gas has 1,030 BTU (British Thermal Units, which are used to measure heat) per cubic foot. Propane? Has a whopping 2,490 BTU per cubic foot. You get more bang for your energy buck with propane.

Propane is on-site

When you have natural gas, it comes to your home from a public line in the street. With propane, your propane supply is right on your property. You don’t need a gas line on your street to enjoy the benefits of propane.

Propane is versatile

Since propane can be stored in tanks, it can be used to run your BBQ grill, your deck and patio heaters, fire pits and more! Blue Flame can keep you in propane tanks with our Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange at retail sites all over southern New Jersey.

Propane is environmentally friendly

Natural gas may be a clean fuel. But it is a greenhouse gas when it’s released into the air. Propane does not harm air, water or soil in the event it leaks into the air.

Propane is always there for you

If something happens to the public natural gas line in your neighborhood, you’re not getting natural gas in your home. That means no heat, no gas stove, no water heating for who knows how long. You don’t have that problem with propane since your propane supply is right next to your home. And with automatic propane delivery from Blue Flame, you’ll never have to worry about running out!

Count on Blue Flame for reliable propane delivery to your South Jersey home. Contact us today to become a Blue Flame customer!


new home propane heat new jerseyBuying a new home is an exciting time. You’re choosing paint colors, organizing the kitchen, maybe planning some projects like planting flowers or replacing the deck.

It’s also a time that can bring some questions. Like if your new southern New Jersey home is heated with propane, and you’ve never used propane for anything other than your BBQ grill.

We can help you with your propane-heated home and show why propane is such a great choice.


Who doesn’t like lower energy bills? With today’s propane heating systems, you can get up to 95 percent efficiency. You’ll use less energy, but your home will still be warm and comfortable. Also, propane gets your home warmer faster than an electric heating system!


You might be surprised to know that propane is listed as an alternative energy source in the Clean Air Act of 1990 and the National Energy Policy of 1992. When you heat your home with clean-burning propane, you’ll reduce your greenhouse gas emissions when compared with oil or electric heating systems.


Yeah, propane is a great fuel for heating your home. But propane is versatile and can do way more than that for your home, too!

A propane range or cooktop gives you perfect temperature control on a dime and even cooking you’ll never get with electricity. Laundry day gets easier with a propane clothes dryer that gets your laundry dry faster and with fewer wrinkles so you’ll have less ironing to do.

Like the energy efficient heating of your propane heating system? Get all that and more with a propane water heater. A propane tankless water heater will give you endless hot water whenever you want it.

Propane whole-house generators will protect your home and property. You’ll have lights that stay on, charged electronics and the food in your fridge will stay cold.

In addition to your propane BBQ grill, you can use propane to heat your pool and spa tub, and also light your fire pit.

When you have reliable propane delivery with Blue Flame, you can have all of this in your home.

Become a Blue Flame customer and enjoy dependable propane delivery and more. Don’t forget to ask about automatic propane delivery and wireless tank monitoring so you never have to worry about running low!