Fueling Your Forklift Fleet Year-round

Great performance and great service!

propane exchange new jerseyIf you work in an industry that uses forklifts to move materials around, you may have seen propane forklifts and wondered if they would be a good investment for your business instead of electric or gasoline counterparts.

The answer is an emphatic yes!

Propane Forklift Advantages

Propane forklifts offer several advantages that electric or gasoline forklifts just can’t provide:

Better power. Propane forklifts run at 100% power as long as there’s propane in the cylinder. As the battery drains, electric forklifts become less and less powerful. Propane forklifts also perform better, handling heavier loads and are more capable of working at peak efficiency on inclines.

Cost-effectiveness. With electric forklifts, you have to invest money and space into charging stations. And that brings us to refueling: It can take up to eight hours for an electric forklift to be recharged. If the batter drains during working hours, you’re out of luck. With propane forklifts, you get longer running time between refuels than any other fuel source. And when it’s time to refuel, just swap the empty tank for a full one and in minutes, your propane forklift is back on the job!

Safety. As long as safety protocols and regulations are followed, propane is safe to use both indoors and outside.
Versatility. Gasoline-powered forklifts can’t be used indoors. Electric forklifts are inefficient outdoors and can’t operate in some conditions. Propane can do it all, whether indoors or out!

Environmental friendliness. Propane forklifts emit about 20% fewer greenhouse gases than forklifts run on gasoline. And electric forklifts get their power from electricity usually generated by coal-fired power plants.

And with Blue Flame’s on-site forklift cylinder exchange, you can be assured that your fleet of forklifts will always have the fuel they need to get the job done!

How does the forklift cylinder exchange work?

Our propane experts sit down with you to thoroughly discuss your forklift fleet and how you use it. From there, we’ll determine how to best manage your supply of propane forklift cylinders and create a customized delivery and exchange schedule for your business. And our service lengths are flexible. You can choose long-term or month-to-month. Blue Flame will expertly and safely set up a brand-new storage cage right at your site.

We will also work with you to ensure that safety remains the top priority. Our cylinders are all carefully inspected for safety. We train both you and your employees about best practices for propane safety, and we follow all federal, state and local regulations when it comes to the handling and delivery of propane cylinders.

Contact us to learn more about our forklift tank refill service and how we can benefit your business!

Every day, thousands of businesses and families in Southern New Jersey rely on Blue Flame Gas to keep them going with an always reliable supply of propane. Let us show you what a difference we can make in your propane home or business.