Common Propane Grill Issues and How To Fix Them

Get the Most Out of Your Propane Grill This Summer

propane grill tips new jerseyWhen you have a fully functional propane grill, you can feel like the king or queen of summer. Propane’s efficiency and temperature control let you cook just about anything to perfection on your barbecue!

But when something goes wrong with the grill, your summer fun can screech to a grinding halt. Luckily, the propane pros at Blue Flame know a thing or two about grilling. We can help you troubleshoot some common problems to keep your Southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania cookout on track!

How to Fix a Grill That Won’t Light

This is usually an ignition issue. If your ignitor is battery-powered, try changing the batteries. For built-in push-button mechanisms, there are two possible issues:

  • If none of your burners light, the ignition is faulty, and you will need to replace it.
  • If only one of the burners fails to light, there could be a clog. Clean the ignition associated with that burner. If it still doesn’t light, the wiring for that burner might need to be replaced.

How to Fix Yellow or Orange Flames

When you burn propane, you always want to see a blue flame. That means the fuel is burning “completely” by scientific definition. An orange or yellow flame generally means that you’re losing some of the potential heat energy.

The reason for non-blue grill flames is often an alignment or obstruction issue with your control valves and venturi tubes. A good fix here is:

  1. Light your grill and set it to low flame.
  2. Loosen the venturi tube adjustment screw to release its shutters.
  3. Once the flame turns blue, turn off the grill and tighten the screw.
  4. Let the grill cool, then clean the burner holes of obstructions.

How to Fix Uneven Heat in the Grill

Propane is a reliable, powerful fuel for cooking, and you can generally count on it to heat your barbecue quickly and evenly. If one part of your grill is heating up, but another is comparatively cool, it could be because one of your burners is clogged.

Most of the time, you can simply scour the ports of the underperforming burner with a wire brush and clear away any grit or grease. If the problem persists, you may need to detach the burner and clean the inside.

How to Fix Smoke Coming from Your Grill

Unlike charcoal, propane does not smoke while burning. Any smoke you get from a propane grill is because of grease buildup around your burners. It’s essential to give it a thorough scrub, then heat the grill on high for 15 minutes to burn off anything that remains.

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