What Are the Most Common Propane Tank Sizes?

Get Familiar With the Many Different Sizes, Styles, and Applications of Propane Tanks!

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If you’re in the market for a new propane tank for your home in southern New Jersey or eastern Pennsylvania, you may be wondering about what size you should ultimately get.

But don’t worry! Blue Flame is here to help. Our propane experts will thoroughly discuss with you your prior—and expected—propane usage to determine the right size propane tank. We’ll also provide safe and expert installation and provide hassle-free propane tank leasing, too!

In addition to our leased tanks, Blue Flame also sells 20-, 30-, 40- and 100-pound portable propane cylinders. You can use these sizes for grills, deck and patio heaters, firepits, outdoor fireplaces, portable generators, insect traps, camp stoves, tent heaters, and powering appliances in your RV—just to name a few!

Propane Tank Sizes and Their Common Uses

120- and 150-gallon tanks. These are not typically used for whole-house heating, but rather to power your propane cooking range, dry clothes, and power a propane fireplace.

250-gallon tanks. If you need propane for three propane appliances or more, you’re going to need a tank that is at least this size. These tanks may be utilized in home heating, but only for small square footages.

500-gallon tanks. Heating your home with propane is environmentally friendly, energy efficient, and cost-effective. These tanks are often used in whole-house heating systems. For example, a 500-gallon tank is usually enough for an entire house’s heating needs, as well as cooking and washing appliances.

1,000-gallon tanks. These tanks are most used for commercial purposes. They provide a source of fuel for all sorts of operations from heating to fueling commercial kitchens. If you own a very large home and use propane for heating, cooking, water heating, and other high-BTU appliances like a pool or spa heater, you may be able to utilize this size tank.

Should I Lease or Buy My Tank?

When purchasing a propane tank, there are many associated costs. These include the cost for buying and installing the tank, as well as any future maintenance or repair charges that might arise. These costs can quickly add up to thousands of dollars over the lifespan of the unit if you choose to buy your tank outright.

However, Blue Flame offers easy, affordable propane tank leasing. You can be sure that our tanks are well-made, safe, and durable. When you choose to lease your tank, we’ll handle all maintenance and any needed repairs, so you’re off the hook for those costs!

Have questions about our propane tank installation and leasing? Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly answer them!

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