Are Propane Gas And LP Gas The Same?

Not All Gases Are Alike!

propane or natural gas new jerseyThere are two versions of propane: liquid (LP) and vapor. While both are usable, you can’t substitute one for the other. For example, a propane appliance that is made to use vapor can’t use propane in its liquid form, and one made to use liquid can’t use vapor.

That’s because they technically aren’t the same. Temperature is the primary factor in liquid propane, while weight is the primary factor in propane vapor.

Liquid propane only exists in an environment below its boiling point of -44˚ Fahrenheit and when it is stored under pressure, like in your home’s propane tank. Once the temperature of propane goes above -44˚, it becomes a vapor.

Propane Vs. Natural Gas

As we said, not all gases are alike. Propane and natural gas have some similarities, but some differences as well.

The biggest difference between propane and natural gas is accessibility. You need to live in a neighborhood with natural gas lines to have natural gas in your home. But you can have propane no matter where you live!

With your propane supply securely stored in a propane tank on your property, you’ll always have propane. That’s especially true with Blue Flame’s automatic delivery and wireless tank monitoring! With natural gas, on the other hand, you are at the mercy of a large utility and its infrastructure. Any time of year, there are reports of interruptions in natural gas service because of pipeline problems, caused by accidents, weather, or deterioration.

The main component of natural gas is methane, which is also a greenhouse gas. Concerns have been raised about methane leaks from underground natural gas pipelines.

Propane, on the other hand, is not a greenhouse gas. In fact, because of its low carbon content, it has been named as an approved clean fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy.

Finally, just about all our domestic propane supply is produced right here in North America. Using propane in your home improves our nation’s energy independence.

You can count on Blue Flame for dependable, safe propane deliveries all across Central and Southern New Jersey—as well as Eastern Pennsylvania too! Become a customer today and let us show you the difference we can make for your home or business.