Full-Service Propane vs. Discount Suppliers

Cheaper Doesn’t Mean Better!

propane company new jerseyWe get it—everyone’s looking for the best deal available nowadays. And in eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey, there’s no shortage of fuel retailers. At Blue Flame, we know you want the best possible best price on your home’s propane.

It’s why many companies out there make big promises about miraculously low fuel prices to attract new customers. But in our half-century of experience, we’ve learned that these discounters can’t handle the challenge of an extra-cold winter or a sudden supply shortage. That’s when they leave customers hanging, and we pick up the slack.

This doesn’t bother us, though—Blue Flame has always prided itself on a superior product and a dependable team. We deliver propane at a fair, transparent price. We also have enduring relationships with fuel suppliers, so we never run low on propane, even when our competitors are short on supply and not answering the phones.

Comparing Propane Discounters and Blue Flame

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s a rundown of our full-service commitment compared to what you get with a discount company:

Blue Flame Discount Companies
Easy to contact?  You can request fuel delivery online or by phone—and we’ll get back to you promptly! That depends on if they feel like answering the phone.
Trained and certified team? Our team has completed the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) and is fully trained in safe propane handling. Nothing’s guaranteed. (…and they probably won’t tell you.)
Timely deliveries? Always—and we offer free automatic delivery, too! It depends on how many calls they’re getting this week.

Payment plans?

Yes. Our SmartPay plan lets you spread out your expenses throughout the year. Nope. You’re expected to pay in full on with each delivery.
Online account? With our secure online portal, you can make payments, see your account history, and request deliveries. Maybe they offer it, but there’s no telling how secure it is or if it even works.
Customer satisfaction? See what your neighbors have to say about Blue Flame here. Who knows? They hope you don’t do too much online research.

Blue Flame is Committed to Our Customers for the Long Haul!

It all comes down to a long-term commitment. At Blue Flame, we don’t believe in luring customers only to make a few deliveries and then forget about you. We want to build a partnership that lasts for generations!

That’s why we offer everything listed above. We know that home comfort is serious for families in our region, and we want you to always have peace of mind. That’s a guarantee you won’t find from any other supplier.

We hope you’ll let us show you the value of doing business with a full-service propane provider. Interested in switching? Join our family of customers today!