Converting Your Home To Propane: 6 Benefits

convert to propane new jersey

More comfort, better efficiency!

Are you using electricity for heating, water heating, and other appliances in your home here in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania?

If so, you are missing out on all the good things that propane can bring to your home! And with propane delivery from Blue Flame, you can get all those benefits with safe, reliable service.

Six Ways Propane Makes Life In Your Home Better


Propane provides far more BTUs per dollar than electricity. That means you can enjoy home heating, water heating, cooking, space heating, and more using less energy than any other energy source. That can help you save big on your home’s energy costs year-round!

Cooking is easier on a propane range. You get precise, instant temperature control, meaning better, tastier meals. And propane ovens provide a moister heat, meaning you’re less likely to get a dry Thanksgiving turkey!

And laundry day is improved with a propane clothes dryer, which gets your laundry dry 25% faster* than a comparable electric dryer. Not only that, propane dryers cause less wear on your laundry and creates fewer wrinkles—which means less ironing needed from you.


Propane does way more than run your home’s furnace or boiler. It can do all the things we just mentioned above, and even more—such as pool heating, clothes drying, fire pits, and numerous other outdoor applications as well. And whatever you’re using your propane cylinders for, you can always find a safe, full replacement at one of our many Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange locations!

Environmental friendliness

Did you know that about half of all the electricity used in the United States is generated at coal-fired power plants? Think about all the emissions from coal being sent out from generating electricity. Because propane is so clean burning, it produces nearly zero emissions* when running appliances or vehicles.


Propane furnaces get your home warm faster than comparable electric heating systems. Propane can heat up to 140˚ Fahrenheit, while electricity can’t go over 100 ˚. So, when winter does its worst, your home stays warmer and more comfortable with propane.


Propane can keep your home safe, warm and comfortable during power outages. A propane whole-house backup generator is a reliable, safe way to keep the power on in your home for lights, refrigerators, electronics and home medical equipment.


With your propane tank, expertly installed by Blue Flame at your home, you always have the propane you need to enjoy all of this. You’re not at the mercy of an electric or natural gas utility, and the outages they so often have.

Propane—the more you know, the happier you’ll be using it! Contact Blue Flame to learn how you can use this clean, abundant safe and efficient fuel to your best advantage or how to convert your home to run on propane!

*Sources: National Propane Gas Association; Propane Education Research Council.