Cooking With A Propane Stove: What Are The Benefits?

Whatever you’re cooking, propane makes it better

gas stove cooking new jerseyIf watching the news ramps up your stress levels lately, you’ve probably gone looking for TV shows that aren’t as stressful. You aren’t alone. It’s a thing and it’s called “comfort watching.”

And for many of us, cooking shows have become our comfort watching. Whether it’s down-home fare on Pioneer Woman, cooking geekery on America’s Test Kitchen, or crazy cooking competitions like Chopped, there’s something relaxing about shows where the worst thing that could happen is overcooking some seafood!

If seeing all those culinary creations has inspired you to improve your cooking, we have a way to further assist: Start cooking on a propane stove!

Why Propane Is Better Than Electricity For Cooking

You have probably noticed that virtually all cooking shows us gas ranges, cooktops, and ovens. And you may have wondered why that is the case.

Chefs prefer cooking with gas because it gives them the two things they need most when cooking: Precision and control.

When you cook with electricity, you need to wait for the burners to reach the desired setting. And if you need to make an adjustment, it takes a few minutes for the burners to achieve that new setting.

That’s not the case with propane. The flame is instantly at the precise setting you want it to be. And if you need to adjust the temperature up or down, you get that adjustment immediately.

Propane gives you much more precise temperature control than electricity. Electric ranges have set temperature levels. If you want a temperature between those levels, you’re out of luck. So you can have the burner too high and burn your food, or you can have it too low and have it take longer, not brown properly, or dry out.

With propane, you can set the burner anywhere you want. Need something between medium and medium-low? No problem! You get the results you want.

Propane ranges and cooktops can also come with cool features like a long center burner you can use for griddle and grill pans, making weeknight steaks and weekend pancakes a breeze, and sealed burners for easy cleaning.

You also get advantages with propane when you’re using your oven. The heat in a propane oven is moister than electricity, so your Thanksgiving turkey is much less likely to be dry. And broiling is cleaner and less smoky, too.

Save Money Cooking With Propane

Did you know that, compared to electric stoves, propane stoves can cost 30% less to operate? That’s because propane ovens preheat faster, and so do the stovetop burners. With pilotless ignitions on propane ranges, you’re using less propane, so you save even more money.

With those savings, you can treat yourself to some new cooking equipment. Maybe even that Dutch oven you’ve had your eye on!

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