Can You Do Your Own Gas Line Work?

Leave propane gas connections to the professionals.

gas line Warren County, NJ When you are a homeowner, it’s natural to want to handle as much of the work on your property yourself as possible. We talk to customers in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania who take care of their own landscaping, painting, shelving, etc.

However, there are certain jobs that you should never attempt on your own, and that includes the gas lines for your propane system. These are the tubes that connect your home propane tank to your home’s heating equipment, water heater and other appliances and amenities. They are essential to maintaining your home comfort, but they should only be handled by licensed professionals. The team at Blue Flame is available to help with your propane tank, gas lines and any safety inspections you need to be done.

Never Do Your Own Gas Line Work.

Installing, maintaining and repairing propane gas lines when you don’t have the necessary training can create significant safety risks. Propane gas leaks are asphyxiation and explosion hazards. Additionally, non-professional installation of gas lines can negatively impact the performance, efficiency and safety of your propane products.

So, please do not try to save money by doing your own gas line installation. We can all but assure you that you’ll end up needing to call a propane technician anyway to address a gas leak, fix an issue or reinstall the line altogether.

Recognizing a Gas Line Issue

Propane gas lines are durable and built to last, but they can still face issues over time. Animals can gnaw on them. They can be damaged by inclement weather, develop kinks or corrode with age. A damaged line can impact all your propane equipment. Here are some ways to recognize a gas line issue:

  1. A Propane Smell — Consumer propane has an odorant that smells like rotten meat, spoiled eggs or skunk spray. If you smell this odor inside or outside your home, leave the area immediately, extinguish all flames and other sources of ignition, and contact 911 and your propane company to fix the issue.
  2. Yellow or Orange Burner Flames — When your propane is burning correctly, the flame should be blue. A gas line leak or obstruction could cause your flames to burn yellow or orange.
  3. Pilots That Keep Going Out — Well-functioning propane products have steady, reliable pilots. If yours keep extinguishing, the flow of fuel to them may be interrupted by a gas line issue.

If you believe that a gas line on your property needs to be repaired, reach out to a professional propane team right away.

Blue Flame — Your Full-Service Propane Partner.

As a Blue Flame customer, you not only enjoy the most dependable propane delivery team in Warren County and the rest of our New Jersey and Pennsylvania service area, but you also have a highly-trained, responsive propane services team on call for you. We offer safety inspections, propane tank leasing and assistance with your gas lines. At Blue Flame, your safety and comfort are our top concerns.

If you have any issues with your propane-powered systems, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We are always ready to help.