How Efficient Are Propane-Powered Forklifts?

Commercial Businesses are Relying More and More on Propane Power!

forklift tanks Chester, PA Warehouses, worksites, manufacturing, and distribution centers all count on their fleets of forklifts to stay productive and profitable. With that comes many power options for forklifts, including gasoline, diesel, electricity, and propane.

In Cherry Hill, Vineland, Doylestown and West Chester, Blue Flame Gas of NJ provides forklift propane cylinders to several local commercial clients. We’ll help answer many questions about how efficient and affordable this fuel is to help you better streamline your operations.

Are Propane Forklifts Energy Efficient?

Propane is an incredibly efficient fuel, typically more efficient than diesel and gasoline. If you use a 33-pound cylinder in a forklift with a four-cylinder engine, you can expect to get eight hours of uninterrupted operation—that’s nearly an entire shift!

You can also improve your efficiency with some smart workplace procedures. Advise your workers to monitor how much fuel is left in their cylinders. This will ensure that they limit downtime by getting forklifts back to the cylinder cage when they run low. It’s also important not to swap out cylinders until their fuel is totally depleted, which wastes fuel.

What Other Advantages Do Propane Forklifts Have?

There are many good reasons that propane is a popular fuel for forklifts. Businesses choose propane forklifts over diesel, gasoline and electric alternatives for the following reasons:

Utilize Propane Forklifts Indoors or Out

Electric forklifts can’t operate for long in the rain, and they often lose steam going up inclines with large loads. Diesel and gasoline forklifts negatively impact air quality and cause health issues when running inside.

Propane forklifts don’t have either of these issues. Propane produces very few nitrogen oxides or sulfur oxides, and it contains virtually no particulate matter or methane. Propane forklifts are safe to run indoors and can operate well outside in all elements.

Full Power Until the Last Drop

When an electric forklift starts to run out of juice, it begins to slow down as it loses power. Not so with propane forklifts, which run at full speed and intensity until all their fuel is gone.

Additionally, you don’t need to sit around for hours waiting for a recharge as you do with electric forklifts. Your team member attaches a new cylinder and gets moving. This does wonders for your productivity.

Propane: Affordable and American-Made

We don’t need to tell you that fuel energy prices have been volatile recently.

Market speculation, supply chain issues and global conflicts have all led to fluctuations in fuel and electricity prices. But almost all the propane used in America is domestically-produced. Its price isn’t completely insulated from global markets, but it’s typically more stable than other energy sources.

Looking for a Commercial Partner for Your Forklift Operations? Blue Flame is the #1 Choice in NJ and PA!

Blue Flame’s forklift propane cylinder exchange program is the gold standard for forklift fueling in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania. Here’s what we offer your business:

  • We’ll set you up with on-site cages and train your workforce on safe-handling procedures.
  • We can arrange a customized cylinder delivery schedule that meets your exact business needs.
  • We ensure that your propane cylinder setup complies with all codes and regulations.
  • We offer flexible service agreements.
  • We ensure your cylinder inventory is current and inspected.

Let’s put together a forklift propane arrangement that keeps your business moving forward, while benefitting your bottom line. Contact Blue Flame today to get started.