Propane: Extend Your Summer And Get The Most Out Of Fall

Enjoy your great outdoors more into the late-Fall months

propane outdoors new jerseyWelcome to fall! The lazy, hazy, crazy days of the Summer of 2020 have come to a close. If you’re not quite ready to go inside, we have good news: You don’t have to! And you can thank propane for that.

With propane, the back yard that has been your staycation destination all summer long still can be. Propane delivery from Blue Flame and our Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange make getting that propane you need easy!

Here’s all that propane can do to let you continue to enjoy being outside:

Enjoy great grilled food

While everyone else is going back to cooking indoors and transitioning to stews, pot roasts, and casseroles, you can keep on grilling. With propane grills, you can continue to enjoy delicious grilled foods like burgers, fish, hot dogs, steaks, kebabs, and more!

Take a dip

Your neighbors may have closed up their pools and spas for the winter, but that doesn’t mean you have to. Propane pool and spa heaters let you enjoy your pool and spa while everyone else is leaf-peeping or apple-picking. Propane pool and spa heaters are much more energy-efficient and cost-effective than their electric counterparts as well.

Warm up outside

One of the bummers about summer’s end is that it gets cooler. But thanks to propane deck and patio heaters, outdoor fireplaces, and firepits, you can continue get together with family and friends, dine al fresco, or just relax with a good book and a mug of coffee.

Stay comfortable

Something else that happens as fall begins is that it’s getting darker earlier. But with propane, you don’t have to be in the dark just because you’re outdoors. Propane outdoor lighting gives you not only light but a warm, old-fashioned glow. Are the bugs still bothering you? A propane insect trap lures them away from you, never to return.

Want reliable propane deliveries all Fall and Winter long? Choose Blue Flame. Thousands of families and businesses in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania rely on us to keep them comfortable. Contact us today to get started.