Fire Up Your Propane Grill with some Fun Summer Recipes!

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Season

grilled watermelon
There’s nothing like summer in southern New Jersey. And one of the best parts is firing up your propane grill for a break from the kitchen on a lovely summer evening! But, if the usual fare of hot dogs, burgers and chicken breasts isn’t exciting you, we’re here to help you shake up your grilling routine.

But first, make sure you’re ready to roll with your propane tank filled! Our Lil’ Hank’s BBQ Tank Exchange stations can be found at retail locations all over our NJ service area, so you’re always within easy access to a fresh tank. And if you have a built-in grill, you can count on Blue Flame for dependable propane delivery.

Now, once you’re all set with your fuel, let’s talk about what’s happening on your propane grill. Need help getting out of your grilling rut? We’re here to help with a bunch of delicious, easy (and some even healthy!) recipes that will have you grilling from sun-up to sundown.

Grill your breakfast? Oh, yeah!

If you’ve ever had cold pizza for breakfast, here’s a way to kick that idea up several notches: grilled breakfast pizza. No need to wait at the deli or drive-thru for a breakfast sandwich when you grill Rachael Ray’s egg, ham and cheese sandwich. Or, do brunch al fresco with grilled vanilla French toast!

Fire up some fast and delicious weeknight dinners

Hungry after a long day? Fire up your propane BBQ grill. Skip delivery because you can have hot, fresh pizza when you make it on your grill. You can buy pizza dough fresh or par-cooked at your local grocery store. Grilled Hawaiian barbecued chicken in foil is easy to make with minimal clean-up!

Or, if you’re not in the mood for meat, try spicy grilled cauliflower steaks, instead!

Grill your seafood

In southern New Jersey, summer = seafood. And your propane grill can make some tasty seafood dishes.

Instead of steaming clams, make grilled clams with herb butter. Feeling fancy? Try grilled scallops with corn salad. Make salmon something special by grilling it on a cedar plank.

Save room for dessert!

Grilling fruit is one of the easiest, tastiest desserts. You can grill peaches, plums, bananas, apples, figs and all sorts of other fruit. Simply top them with whipped cream, Greek yogurt and honey, or ice cream. Grilled pineapple rings are delicious with Nutella and macadamia nuts.

Here’s grilled fruit just for the adults: grilled bananas and pineapples with a rum and molasses glaze.

You can even grill slices of pound cake to top with fruit, whipped cream or ice cream.

Whatever you’re grilling this summer, keep your grill fueled with Lil’ Hank’s BBQ Tank Exchange from Blue Flame. You can find them all over our southern New Jersey service area,