Does Your Business Need Forklift Propane Service?

On-site propane cylinder delivery makes forklift fueling a breeze.

forklift propane Burlington County, NJ Think about what would happen to your warehouse, industrial facility, shipping center or worksite if you were unable to fuel your propane forklifts. How quickly would your commercial operations grind to a halt? What would be the cost to your bottom line?

Propane forklifts have long been incredibly popular for the material handling needs of businesses in Burlington County and other parts of Southern New Jersey. They offer a range of significant benefits, including the following:

  • Low emissions that meet or exceed national indoor air quality standards.
  • Superior moving and lifting power, no matter how full your propane cylinder is.
  • Excellent outdoor operations, even in rainy weather.
  • No downtime for charging.
  • Easy refueling in only a matter of minutes.

Still, it’s essential to ensure you have a dependable supply of propane to keep these forklifts running. That’s where Blue Flame comes in.

How long will a propane cylinder power a forklift?

The good news is that one 33-pound propane cylinder can typically power a forklift for eight hours. This means that one tank will likely fuel an entire shift at your business. When the time comes to refuel a propane forklift, your worker can simply remove the spent cylinder, retrieve a full one from your on-site cage, and attach it. In as little as 10 minutes, your forklift is refueled and back in service.

Some businesses may choose to take their empty cylinders to a propane refilling station, but a far more convenient and dependable option is arranging on-site forklift propane service.

What are the benefits of on-site forklift propane service?

When you have a trusted forklift propane provider like Blue Flame, you can ensure that your fleet is never without the fuel it needs. Typically, this service involves setting up storage at your business and developing a custom propane cylinder delivery schedule.

Contracting with a reliable, experienced fuel company means you’ll have a regularly replenished store of propane tanks. No more losing work hours from having people leave your facility to refill cylinders. Additionally, this company will ensure that the forklift cylinders are safety tested and requalified at appropriate intervals.

Blue Flame — Your Trusted Forklift Propane Provider

When companies in Southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania need dependable forklift propane service, they turn to the attentive team at Blue Flame. We’ll work closely with your workers to arrange adequate cylinder storage and a precise propane tank delivery schedule.

Our forklift propane services include:

  • Cylinder delivery schedules tailored to your operational needs.
  • Contract terms that meet your needs.
  • On-site cages set up at your facilities.
  • Employee training for safe-handling procedures for propane cylinders and other safety issues.
  • Regular cylinder reviews to ensure your tanks are leak-free and safe.

And if your forklift propane needs change or you need an additional cylinder delivery, the Blue Flame team is always available to help!

Please take a moment to contact us and discuss what Blue Flame can do to ensure you always have forklift propane cylinders on hand.