Warm indoors

Heating your home accounts for about half of your winter energy costs in your southern New Jersey home.

Want to get a better handle on that? Follow these tips so you can maximize the efficiency of your propane furnace, the hero of your home heating this winter, without having to give up any warmth or comfort!

  1. Get your furnace a tune-up. An annual maintenance by a professional service technician helps your propane furnace operate at peak efficiency. That means you’ll use less energy and spend less money to keep your home warm. This tune-up also gives your service technician a chance to find small problems before they become bigger, and more expensive, ones.
  2. Change the air filter. If your air filter gets dirty, your propane furnace has to work harder. That increases your energy costs. A dirty air filter can also result in dust and dirt getting into your furnace, causing wear and tear (and possible damage) on the parts in your furnace. Don’t wait longer than three months to change the air filter. However, if you have pets that have dander, and/or there is someone in your home with respiratory issues, make that once a month.
  3. Seal up your home. Drafts can add up to 20 percent to your energy costs. A weekend’s work and some caulk, weatherstripping, expanding foam, plastic window covers and door sweeps can help you keep the warm air indoors and the cold air outside where it belongs. This is also a good time to see if you have adequate insulation in your home.
  4. Be smart with your programmable thermostat. Set it so that it’s at a lower temperature while you’re away from home or when you’re sleeping. Then set it to start warming up the house a while before you get home. That way, you are warm right away and aren’t tempted to crank up the heat. These tips help you keep your propane usage, and your heating costs, down.
  5. Plan an upgrade. Older propane furnaces —which would be furnaces 10 years old or older — can have efficiencies as low as 55 percent. For every dollar you spend on propane for heating, 45 percent of it isn’t going towards heating your home. Today’s high-efficiency propane furnaces reach efficiencies in the mid-90s. You’ll start recouping the cost of your new furnace right away with those energy savings!

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