Tips to lighten your laundry workload

laundry roomThere’s so much propane can do to enhance the quality of life in your southern New Jersey home.

It can keep your home warm, heat your water, cook your food, run your grill and heat your pool.

And it can make laundry day easier, too. How? A propane clothes dryer!

Propane clothes dryers have several advantages that electric clothes dryers just don’t. Propane clothes dryers get you laundry dry faster. There’s less static cling. The moist heat they use keeps your laundry — whether it’s clothes, bed linens or towels — looking good for a longer time.

Here’s another benefit: Propane clothes dryers produce fewer wrinkles in your laundry than electric clothes dryers. So, you also save time, hassle and energy by not have to iron as much.

And propane clothes dryers cost less to operate. Saving money while getting better results? Always a good thing.

We can help you maximize the performance and efficiency of your propane clothes dryer with these tips.

  1. Use your washing machine to make drying easier. Did you know that a load of laundry can bring a half-gallon of water from the washer into the dryer? If you use the fastest spin cycle on your washing machine, more water will be extracted. That helps your dryer be faster and more efficient in drying your laundry.
  2. Keep your lint filter clean. A clogged lint filter can increase your drying time by up to 30 percent. Clean the filter after each load to keep your dryer running efficiently.
  3. Don’t do big loads. Break large loads of laundry into two smaller loads. Air can circulate better, which means you’ll get faster drying with better results, which makes your propane clothes dryer more efficient.
  4. Add a dry towel. You can save several minutes of drying time by putting a dry towel in with your wet laundry. It pulls moisture from the other items so the load dries faster.
  5. Begin with lighter-weight items. The residual heat from the first lighter loads will help heavier items that follow dry faster.
  6. Clean your dryer vent. Blocked vents and ductwork reduce the efficiency of your dryer.
  7. Go with permanent press. The permanent press cycle is a proven energy saver, with medium heat and a cool-down period. Make sure to not load up the dryer too much so air can circulate properly for maximum efficiency.
  8. Get your laundry out early. Don’t wait for the drying cycle to end. By taking the laundry out 10 minutes before the drying cycle finishes, you’re less likely to have to iron items like dress shirts, blouses, pants, skirts and school uniforms. Give each item a quick, firm shake and hang them up immediately, smoothing them with your hands.

Blue Flame offers safe and dependable propane delivery so you can enjoy all of the benefits of a propane clothes dryer in your home. Become a customer today – we’ll keep you filled up.