Use Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange For Your Propane Grill Cylinders

Memorial Day Is Around The Corner—Be Ready With A Fresh, Full Tank!

bbq tank refillIt’s finally feeling like spring here in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania. And before long, Memorial Day Weekend will be here too!

As more of us feel comfortable getting together with family and friends, that means there will be some long-awaited cookouts over the holiday weekend. If you’re using a propane grill, you’ll enjoy the ease, convenience, and great results grilling with propane provides.

However, to enjoy those benefits, you need to have enough propane to grill those burgers, hot dogs, kebabs, whatever you’re making.

Fortunately, Blue Flame makes that easy with our Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange!

Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange is located at gas stations, convenience stores, hardware stores, grocery stores, home improvement stores, garden centers, and other retail establishments all over our service area.

Using Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange is easy. Just bring your empty propane cylinder to the nearest Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange. An employee will take your empty cylinder and give you a fresh, full, safe cylinder.

Uses Of Propane Cylinders

You’re familiar that propane cylinders are used with BBQ grills. But there are other ways they can be used too!

They make your backyard more comfortable by fueling propane deck and patio heaters, fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, and mosquito traps.

If you have an RV or go camping, propane cylinders can make your travel easier and more comfortable. In your RV, they can be used for heating, water heating, cooking, air conditioning, and refrigeration. Campers use propane cylinders for tent heating and camp stoves.

Propane cylinders are also used to fuel portable generators.

Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange will have you ready to grill during the season ahead. Give us a call today and we’ll help you find the location nearest you!