Don’t Run Out of Propane Before Memorial Day!

Keep Your Barbecue Sizzling with Lil’ Hanks Propane Cylinders

grill tank refill new jerseyMemorial Day is nearly here, and grilling is on the agenda for countless Americans. Whether you’re going with classic burgers and hot dogs or mixing it up with some impossible patties or seafood, you’ll want to make sure you have enough fuel to keep your barbecue burning.

For outdoor chefs all over Southern New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and even parts of Maryland, Lil’ Hanks Propane Tanks provide an unbeatable flame for holiday cookouts!

Propane Is the Ideal Fuel for Outdoor Grilling

A recent survey conducted by the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association found that 61 percent of American grill owners use propane for cooking their food. We aren’t surprised to hear this. Propane has a lot to recommend itself for the backyard barbecue:

  • Propane is convenient—Easy and safe to transport, propane gives you a reliable, strong flame with the turn of a valve. And when you’re done grilling, there’s no charcoal mess to clean.
  • Propane gives you control—You can adjust your temperature quickly with a propane grill. Unlike charcoal grills, you can quickly kill the flame on one burner for immediate indirect heat.
  • Propane leaves no off-flavors—Your guests want to taste your signature BBQ rub, not the chemicals on your coals. Propane is clean-burning, with a contained, smoke-free flame so that you can avoid a burnt, sooty taste.

Serious Grillers Trust Lil’ Hanks!

Available at gas stations, convenience stores, garden centers, hardware stores and many other businesses in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania, Lil’ Hank’s propane cylinders contain Blue Flame’s safe, high-quality propane. You can’t do better for your next barbecue.

Stop by a Lil’ Hank’s location today to pick up propane for your Memorial Day celebration. If you’re expecting multiple cookouts during the holiday weekend, it might be good to pick up an extra cylinder. And remember: Be sure to store your additional propane cylinders safely.

  • Always store propane cylinders upright.
  • Never store them in enclosed spaces.
  • Keep cylinders away from flames and spark-producing tools.
  • Do not expose propane cylinders to heat above 120 degrees.

Not sure where your nearest Lil’ Hank’s tank exchange location is? Don’t worry—you can contact us, and we’ll help you locate it!