How Long Will My Grill Tank Last?

Don’t Run Out of Fuel During a Cookout!

grill tank refills new jerseyDedicated home grillers will be cooking up burgers, sirloins, salmon steaks and ribs across southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania well throughout the fall and even during the winter season.

And while propane grills provide the cleanest, most efficient heat you can have at a barbecue, they often rely on smaller, portable propane tanks, also typically called a BBQ cylinder. So, the eternal question for grillmasters is…how long their propane cylinder will last?

We’ll attempt to give you a rundown of how long portable propane tanks last, how you can figure out the amount of fuel remaining, and how to avoid your propane flame going out in the middle of a barbecue.

How often should I refill my grill tank?

On average, a 20-pound portable propane tank will last 18 to 20 hours of cooking time. A medium free-standing propane grill uses about two pounds of fuel per cooking session. So, a 20-pound cylinder works out to about 10 meals.

For a larger grill with more burners, though, you should expect a cylinder to last closer to 10 hours.

3 Ways To Check Your Portable Propane Tank Level

Many modern grills come with a scale you can attach your propane cylinder to and monitor when it’s nearing empty. However, you don’t need to fly completely blind if your grill doesn’t!

Here are three other ways to measure how much propane is still in your tank:

  1. Weigh it. Most grill propane cylinders weigh 17 pounds when empty and hold 20 pounds of fuel. You can weigh your tank, then deduct 17 to determine how full it is. A tank that weighs 27 pounds has 10 pounds of propane, which is half full.
  2. Try the hot water trick. Start by filling a bucket with hot tap water. Pour the water over the side of your cylinder and then run your hand from top to bottom. Stop when you feel a cool spot. That’s the fill level of your tank! Liquid propane absorbs heat, which makes the metal wall of the tank cool to the touch.
  3. Install an external scale. You can opt for an analog propane scale, which is pre-set to take your tank’s empty weight into account. There are also digital propane tank scales that offer readings of your remaining cook time and fill percentage.

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