How Long Do Forklift Propane Tanks Last?

Best practices around propane cylinder handling for forklift fleets.

forklift propane Ocean County, NJ When we talk to warehouse, distribution, manufacturing and retail managers in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania about their forklift propane needs, they often ask us about how much value they can get from propane versus electric vehicles.

These facilities can save a lot of money by going with propane forklifts for several reasons. They won’t need to invest in pricy infrastructure like charging stations and additional batteries. Propane is also an efficient, clean-burning fuel that’s almost entirely produced in the U.S. The commercial propane team at Blue Flame is at your service to make sure you’re getting the best value from your forklift fleet.

How Long Forklift Propane Lasts

A full 33-pound forklift propane tank will typically power a forklift for about eight hours. So, you can expect to power one shift per cylinder.

A full battery for an electric forklift might give you approximately the same amount of runtime as a 33-pound cylinder for propane. Still, you won’t get the same performance throughout those eight hours. There is a “fade” with electric forklifts. As the battery dies down, it loses lifting and moving power. Often, these vehicles struggle to carry loads up inclines. Not so with a propane forklift. Regardless of how much fuel is in the cylinder, you’ll get full power.

Changing Out Propane Cylinders

Another significant benefit of propane forklifts over electric models is the refueling process. An electric forklift might sit idle for hours while you wait for recharging to be complete. Changing out a propane cylinder, on the other hand, can be completed in a matter of minutes. There’s virtually no downtime.

Want to optimize your forklift fleet’s efficiency? Talk to your workforce about their typical routes within your facility, then situate your cylinder cages where they normally start and end their routes and shifts. This will minimize out-of-the-way trips to refuel and save you money throughout the year.

Proper Upkeep for Forklift Propane Cylinders

Portable propane cylinders, like the tank used for forklifts, are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). Typically, these cylinders should be inspected and requalified 12 years from their manufacture date, then every five years subsequently.

Happily, for Blue Flame forklift customers, our team maintains an inventory of inspected and qualified tanks. You can feel confident that the forklift cylinders you receive from us are safe and up to date. If one of your cylinders becomes damaged, you can reach out to us. We’ll retrieve it and provide you with a fresh one.

Why Choose Blue Flame for Your Forklift Propane?

Businesses in Ocean County and across our service region love the ease, value and peace of mind that come with doing business with Blue Flame. We’ll set up cages at your site and provide safety training for your employees. Our forklift propane contracts are flexible, too. We’ll arrange a delivery schedule that matches your needs and set a contract term that works for you.

Let Blue Flame take the stress out of fueling your forklift fleet. Reach out to us today for a no-obligation consultation.