How Long Do Propane Tanks Usually Last?

You can count on a Blue Flame propane tank for the long haul.

propane tanks Toms River, NJ Propane is one of the most dependable and versatile energy sources a household can use in Toms River or elsewhere in South Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania. The propane tank on your property can power a furnace, boiler, water heater, gas range, fireplace insert, clothes dryer, standby generator and many outdoor amenities. That’s a lot of home comfort powered by one fuel.

Blue Flame customers sometimes ask us how long they can expect their stationary propane tank to last, and we’re more than happy to give them the info they need.

Lifespan of a Home Propane Tank

Propane tanks are built to last for decades. The average, well-made and properly-maintained galvanized aboveground propane tank can easily last 30 years. Some aluminum and composite cylinders last even longer.

That said, different circumstances can shorten your propane tank’s lifespan. If your tank endures many extreme weather events or isn’t properly cared for, it could need to be replaced much sooner. Similarly, an underground propane tank might have a lifespan in the 20-to-30-year range, depending on the soil type and whether your tank installer took precautions to mitigate specific subterranean issues like electrical currents.

Shelf Life of Propane Gas

Believe it or not, the fuel contained in your propane tank has an even longer lifespan. Propane’s shelf life is essentially unlimited. Unlike gasoline, diesel or heating oil, it will not deteriorate, lose combustibility or foster microorganisms — even if it sits in the tank for decades without being used.

This is especially good for propane-powered generators. They may sit for months or even years without being needed. You can still be confident that the propane in the tank supplying your generator will be ready to go if there’s a grid outage.

Owning vs. Leasing a Propane Tank

As we’ve established, proper upkeep and maintenance are crucial to enjoying the full lifespan of a home propane tank. A propane tank can be a significant investment. If you want to buy one, it will run you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

That’s why so many Blue Flame customers prefer a tank lease. For a small fee, we rent a tank to them from our ample inventory. Our experienced technicians will select the perfect tank size for their needs, then install it, safety-test it and connect it. We also handle upkeep for the life of the tank lease and replace it when necessary!

Trust Blue Flame for Your Propane Tank Needs.

At Blue Flame, we stock a range of in-demand propane tank sizes, including:

  • 120-gallon or 250-gallon tanks to handle several propane appliances
  • 325-gallon or 500-gallon tanks for whole home heating and appliances
  • 1,000-gallon tanks for large homes and commercial properties
  • Portable tanks for outdoor products and RVs

All Blue Flame employees undergo the rigorous Certified Employee Training Program (CETP), the propane industry gold standard for safety instruction. We are here to ensure your tank goes in correctly and serves your home for decades.

Get in touch with the Blue Flame team today to begin receiving top-notch propane delivery service.