How Long Will Your Propane Last

Can you leave fuel in your propane tank for “too long?”

propane delivery Glouster County, NJ At Blue Flame, we’re proud to supply fuel to homes and businesses in Southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania that they can use all year round. Whether you have a single propane cylinder fueling your gas grill or a propane tank supplying fuel for your furnace, water heater, cooking range and other appliances, our team can provide the propane you need.

But what if your propane has been sitting in your tank for several months? Is it still okay to use? Can propane “go bad?” In this post, we will break down how long you can expect your propane to last.

How long does propane last?

Let’s begin with the shelf life of propane. You may know that gasoline can degrade after three to six months and that diesel and fuel oil can last 18 to 24 months. But what about propane? Propane has a virtually infinite shelf life.

No matter how long your fuel has been sitting in a propane tank or cylinder. It won’t become contaminated, lose combustibility or otherwise degrade. This is fantastic news for people who use propane for seasonal purposes, like home heating or pool heating. It’s also great for homes that rely on it for a standby generator. Your propane will be ready to go whenever you need it!

How Long Does a Propane Tank Last?

While propane won’t go bad, the pressurized container holding it might eventually need to be replaced. Luckily, home propane tanks are extremely durable. The lifespan of an aboveground home propane tank is 30 years or more. Underground tanks last closer to 20 years.

However, if you lease a tank from Blue Flame, you can count on us to shoulder all upkeep of your propane tank and replace it if it is on its last legs (or if your fuel needs change). Leasing a tank insulates you from the stress and expenses of needing to maintain a propane tank. No wonder most Blue Flame customers choose to rent a tank from us!

How Long Do Propane Cylinders Last?

Portable propane cylinders like the ones we provide through our Lil’ Hank’s grill tank exchanges have a slightly different lifespan. All portable propane tanks are regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). The DOT guidelines stipulate that propane cylinders must undergo an inspection and requalification by an authorized DOT facility 12 years after its manufacture date — then, every five years after that.

The grill tanks in Lil’ Hank’s exchanges are all safety-tested and certified for use.

Do You Have Enough Propane? Blue Flame Can Help!

Now that you know that your propane can’t sit in your tank “too long,” the question is whether you have enough propane to power all your home appliances, systems and amenities. In Glouster County and across our service area, Blue Flame delivers top-quality propane and total peace of mind. We do this by offering no-fee automatic delivery. Our team handles the planning, ensuring you always have sufficient fuel to stay comfortable all year round.

Enjoy the convenience and professionalism that Blue Flame brings with all our propane services. Become a customer today.