Want to Install a Propane Tank Monitor?

Tank monitoring safeguards your heating, hot water and other propane appliances.

propane tank Atlantic County, NJ No one likes to turn up their thermostat on a chilly evening and be met with silent vents or cold radiators. Similarly, your life can grind to a halt because you’re suddenly not getting hot water or a flame on your propane range.

The cause of all these woes could be an empty propane tank. If you run out of fuel in your home propane tank, you’ll need to request a last-minute propane delivery, which comes with additional costs and hassles. For example, Blue Flame (like all other propane companies) needs to perform a leak test before we can refill your propane tank and re-light your pilots.

Luckily, Atlantic County homeowners and other customers in our South Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania service area can take advantage of several safeguards to prevent propane run-outs. One popular item is our wireless propane tank monitor.

How do propane tank monitors work?

These cutting-edge devices attach directly to your home’s propane tank. The monitor uses wireless and cellular technologies to transmit up-to-the-minute tank readings, advising you how much fuel you have. Blue Flame can monitor these readings and know precisely when to schedule your Automatic Delivery.

You can track the monitor yourself using a free smartphone app. This ends the days of needing to run outside in the snow or rain to check your tank gauge. As long as you have your mobile device with you, you have access to your tank data. That’s true whether you’re in bed at home or a resort thousands of miles away.

Does it take a long time to install a propane tank monitor?

Propane tank monitor installation is a quick, simple process. Our technicians can typically put your monitor in place in about 15 minutes. Once the monitor is activated, you’ll have real-time information about your propane tank for as long as you’re enrolled in our monitoring program.

Who should consider a propane tank monitor?

At Blue Flame, we provide propane delivery service to countless households, and each has unique needs and usage patterns. We offer Automatic Delivery to all customers, where we use your fuel delivery history and current weather patterns to estimate when you’ll need more propane.

However, there are customers whose usage patterns are harder to model and see a considerable benefit from tank monitoring. These include:

  • Homes with ancillary heating sources
  • Homes with high-consumption products like pool heaters or whole-home standby generators
  • People who travel regularly or receive frequent visitors
  • Families with college students or other members who spend months away from home

Other people who benefit from wireless propane tank monitoring are those who manage fuel deliveries for second homes, older relatives, rental properties or spaces where they host Airbnb and VRBO guests.

That said, just about any propane user — especially those households that use propane for heating and hot water — will benefit from tank monitoring. The Blue Flame team is happy to speak with you about tank monitors, Automatic Delivery and other ways to end propane run-outs.

Contact us today to inquire about propane tank monitoring.