Is Your Propane Tank in Good Shape?

Blue Flame has propane tank solutions to suit your home’s needs.

propane tank Somerset County, NJ Every week, we hear from new homeowners in Somerset County and all throughout our service region in Southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvania. Many of these folks have never had a home with propane equipment in it, and they aren’t sure what to do about their fuel deliveries and tanks.

If you recently acquired a home with an old propane tank, it’s a good idea to figure out where the tank came from, what condition it’s in and whether you need to replace it.

Is the propane tank owned or leased?

Many homeowners lease a propane tank from their propane provider. Others own their tanks outright. There are benefits and drawbacks to both options, which we’ll discuss momentarily.

The important thing is to determine whether you now own a tank or if you have a propane company’s leased tank on your property. If the tank is leased, you can either continue propane delivery service with the current company or change to another provider. Switching service generally involves switching tanks, too. At Blue Flame, we can make your service switch totally stress-free.

If you owe your tank, you can choose any propane provider you want.

What’s the condition of your propane tank?

Home propane tanks are built to last a long time — often well over 30 years with proper upkeep.

However, a poorly maintained tank can be a safety hazard and will negatively impact the performance of your gas-fired systems and appliances. A clear sign that your tank is in bad condition is excessive rust or corrosion on its surface. Some rust or discoloration is normal for outdoor, above-ground tanks, but if much of the body is corroded, it’s at a higher risk of a fuel leak.

If you own a tank that’s showing signs of significant wear, you should arrange a safety check with a licensed propane technician like the team members at Blue Flame. We’ll inspect your tank and determine if it needs repair or needs to be replaced altogether.

Should you lease or purchase a propane tank?

As mentioned earlier, owning a propane tank gives you the independence of choosing any propane delivery company for your home fuel. But it has definite drawbacks. Propane tanks sized for home heating and appliances are not cheap. You could end up spending several thousand dollars to buy and install one. You’ll also be on the hook for the costs of maintaining, repairing and replacing it.

With a tank lease, your propane company handles the installation and upkeep of your propane tank. The propane experts at Blue Flame can identify the perfect tank size from our wide selection of high-quality models. And if your propane needs change in the future, we’ll replace the tank for you!

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