Keep Your Propane Supply Full And Accessible In The Snow


propane tank winter new jerseyAs we mail our letters to Santa, look for our latke recipe, or send out holiday cards, we want to make sure your home is kept warm, comfortable and safe during this most wonderful time of the year.

We have a few tips to help you with that.

Sign up for automatic propane delivery. When it’s cold and snowing outside, who wants to go out there to check propane tank gauge levels? Stay inside with a cup of cocoa and let Blue Flame monitor your propane usage! Get set up with automatic propane delivery before you run low.

Keep a clear path. While dashing through the snow is a romantic idea in a Christmas song, it’s not so great when you’re a propane delivery driver. If our Blue Flame propane delivery drivers can’t safely get in your driveway or to your propane tank, that may impact our ability to deliver your propane. If winter comes full force this year, make sure that there’s always a clear and safe path to your propane tank. Clear snow or debris after each snowfall, especially when there’s blowing and drifting snow. Use a colored flag on a pole to show where your propane tank is Also, clear your driveway so we can safely get in to reach your propane tank.

Don’t forget your propane tank. That blanket of snow on and around your propane tank is not good for it. After each snowfall, go outside with a broom and clear snow off and away from the tank. Don’t use a shovel or plow near the tank, as they can damage the tank or its parts. Keeping your tank covered in snow is dangerous. First, the weight of deep snow can damage the fittings and joints, and could make the whole tank shift, all of which can create leaks. The snow can also prevent leaking gas from escaping, which can create a dangerous gas buildup. Because propane is a liquid, it shrinks in the cold weather and that can reduce the pressure inside your tank to a point that it may not be able to reach the gas burners in your home.

Smell gas? Get out! Practice responsible propane safety. If you smell gas in your home or around your propane tank, get everyone out of the house. Don’t use any electrical switches or phones, and put out ignition sources like cigarettes or candles. Once you’re safely away, contact Blue Flame or call 911.

Be ready for whatever winter throws at us this year with dependable propane delivery from Blue Flame. Get in touch with us today and become a customer – your first fill is only $1.99/gal, with no setup, install or rental fees!