Labor Day is Nearly Here — Get Your Grill Tanks Ready!

Lil’ Hank’s Tanks Exchange is right near you for a fill-up!

propane tank exchange new jerseyCan you believe Labor Day is just around the corner? That means you’re going to need propane grill cylinders for your Labor Day cookout.

No need to worry. You can get those propane grill tanks at one of our many Lil’ Hank Tank Exchange locations, found all over our service area of southern New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Wherever you are in our service area, there’s a Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange near you. You can find them at convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, home improvement stores, hardware stores, garden centers, and more – give us a call today and we’ll point you to the nearest location.

With Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange, you’re getting a safe, full tank of propane for your grill. The exchange is fast and easy.

Want it even easier? We’re offering contactless home delivery of our propane grill tanks to homes in southern New Jersey. All you have to do is call us, place your order, pay with your credit or debit card, and we’ll deliver a full tank and take your empty one! You get all this for only $25!

Get in touch with us to learn more about contactless home delivery as well as to find the nearest Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange.

Grilling is great with propane

Whether you’re grilling for a weekend cookout or a fast and easy weeknight supper, propane has it all over charcoal.

For one, there’s far less work. With charcoal, you have to build and light the fire, then wait for it for maybe a half-hour to be ready for grilling. Propane? Easy-peasy! Just turn on your supply valve and turn on the grill. In less than five minutes, you’re ready to grill.

And when you’re done grilling on a propane grill, all you have to do is turn off the grill and close the supply valve. With charcoal, you’re stuck cleaning up a mess of ashes.

Propane also gives you great results. There’s no overwhelming smoky smell to detract from your burgers, hot dogs, fish, chicken, veggies, whatever you’re grilling. And there’s no taste or smell of butane from lighter fluid, either (ugh!).

Count on Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange to have the propane you need for your cookout this Labor Day. Give us a call today to find a location nearest you, or for a door-to-door cylinder delivery if you’re in our South New Jersey market!