Landscaping pros: Consider switching to propane

commercial mowerCompetition is fierce for professional landscapers these days, with everyone looking for new ways to grow their business, trim their costs, and stay profitable for the long haul.

Want to know one of the best ways to get a leg up in your local landscaping market? Convert your equipment to use propane gas rather than gasoline.

Versatile enough to use for landscaping equipment ranging from commercial lawn mowers and trimmers to your fleet of delivery trucks, propane gas is a great choice because it is:

  • Economical – With lower costs and no fuel tax, you’ll reduce fuel costs by at least 10 percent with propane, and probably much more.
  • Clean – Propane has a higher octane rating than gasoline, so you’ll spend less money on oil changes and ongoing maintenance (not to mention that your equipment will spend more time working and less time in the shop)
  • Green – Propane emits up to 60 percent less carbon than other fuels, which will give you an advantage when you bid on jobs with environment-conscious customers.
  • Spill and steal-proof – With its closed fuel system, propane virtually eliminates costly spills and fuel theft.
  • Readily available – More than 90 percent of propane is made in the U.S., with most of the rest coming from Canada. There will always be propane on hand for you!

If you’re looking for a new way to stand out in a crowded professional landscaping market, propane is the ticket – and Blue Flame is your source for all your propane delivery needs.

Make Blue Flame the propane supplier for your New Jersey-based landscaping business! Contact us today to learn more, or to become a Blue Flame propane customer.

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