What Is a Propane Tank Lease?

Is It Smarter to Lease a Tank or Buy One?

gas tank lease pennsylvania From Brown Mills and Lakewood to West Chester and Philadelphia, homeowners in southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania are increasingly turning to propane for heating, hot water, and a range of home appliances and amenities.

At Blue Flame, we always strive to make switching to propane easy and hassle-free. One of the first concerns that new customers have is how to arrange storage for their fuel. For that, we often recommend a tank lease. A propane tank lease is an alternative to owning your tank outright. You lease a tank from your propane company for a fee, and they handle the upkeep.

Deciding between owning and leasing a propane tank can be challenging, but we can help you weigh the pros and cons.

Should You Own or Lease Your Tank?

Essentially, the choice between leasing or owning a propane tank comes down to freedom versus responsibility. Owning your tank means you can choose who fills and services it. However, it also means you’re on the hook for a lot of work and expenses.

Here are some things to consider when arranging your propane storage:

Upfront Process and Costs

Depending on the size and installation parameters you need; a propane tank installation can cost anywhere from $450 to $3,000. If you choose to purchase your own tank, nearly all that expense—including permitting and excavation for underground tanks—falls to you.

If you decide to lease a tank from your propane delivery company, they handle most or all the upfront work themselves, at a lower cost on average.

The Life of the Lease

As the name suggests, leasing a propane tank generally requires a recurring fee. You’re also locked in with a single company for your fuel deliveries. If you switch to another propane company, you’ll likely need to swap out tanks.

That said, the recurring cost of a propane tank lease is minuscule compared to many expenses that come with tank ownership.

Maintenance, Repairs, and Replacement

Generally speaking, propane tanks are built to last a long time. But they do still require routine maintenance, safety checks, and repairs.

A propane tank lease shields you from having to absorb the costs of upkeep and repairs. Your propane company will repair or replace a damaged tank. And if your fuel needs change—because of a growing household or more propane appliances—your company can exchange your tank for a more appropriate size.

Blue Flame Makes Leasing Your Propane Tank Simple and Easy!

There’s a good reason that so many of our customers prefer to lease a propane tank from us. We have a range of sizes that can accommodate anything from a single gas range to your whole home’s heating. Our team of experienced, friendly technicians will identify the exact tank for your needs and install it right the first time.

And you don’t need to worry about hidden fees with us! We are 100 percent transparent in what we charge for fuel, tank leasing, and all other services.

Are you ready to experience the Blue Flame difference? Contact us to become a customer today. We’ll be happy to help you get started.