Leasing vs. Owning a Propane Tank

What are the pros and cons of buying a fuel tank for your home?

propane tanks Cape May county, nj The homes we serve in Cherry Hill, Gloucester Township, Vineland, Doylestown, West Chester and elsewhere in New Jersey and Pennsylvania use propane in various ways. Their unique fuel needs help determine what kind of storage tank they need. One home may only need a 120-gallon propane tank to fuel a single appliance like a gas range or clothes dryer. Another house may need a 325-gallon option to power its whole home heating and appliances.

The Blue Flame team has the experience and know-how to help you determine the propane tank you need. We also offer convenient tank leasing for our customers.

What is a propane tank lease?

A propane tank lease means that you rent your propane tank from your fuel company. Typically, for a small monthly fee, your propane company will install a tank on your property, then handle the maintenance and repairs for the life of your lease.

Propane tank leasing is an alternative to purchasing your own propane tank.

Pros and cons of leasing a propane tank.

Here are the advantages and drawbacks of a tank lease.


  1. You receive help choosing the right tank size from professionals.
  2. You don’t need to pay for a new propane tank, which can run thousands of dollars.
  3. The propane company handles all installation, including permitting, excavation and safety testing.
  4. If your tank becomes worn or is damaged by the elements, your propane company will handle the repairs.
  5. Your propane company can replace your tank if your fuel usage increases.


  1. Typically, only the company you’re leasing from can fill your tank.
  2. Your tank options will be limited to what your propane company offers.
  3. If you switch fuel providers, you’ll likely need to switch tanks too.

Is it a good idea to own a propane tank?

Like owning a home or a car, owning a propane tank means being on the hook for its upkeep. Repairing a propane tank requires specialized training, so you’ll need help from propane technicians. You’ll also need to pay professionals to install your tank and connect it to your propane appliances.
As a tank owner, you do have the freedom to switch propane delivery companies whenever you want, but the additional expenses of owning a tank may not be worth that.

Blue Flame makes switching tanks easy!

We pride ourselves on how seamless we make switching propane providers. Our propane experts will talk to you about how much gas equipment you have and then identify the best tank for you. We’ll install it quickly and safely so you can get started enjoying your home’s propane systems, appliances and amenities.
Our tank sizes include:

  • 120-gallon tanks
  • 250-gallon tanks
  • 325-gallon tanks
  • 500-gallon tanks
  • 1,000-gallon tanks and larger!

Our technicians have all completed the Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) — the gold standard for propane safety instruction. You can be confident in the work we do.

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