Local Busness Beats National… Every Time!

Use Blue Flame And Never Rely On Those National Guys, Again.

propane supplier new jersey

When you’re looking for propane service, you have two main options.

  1. The first option is going with one of the big, national, industrial suppliers.
  2. Your other option is supporting a locally owned, locally based propane company like Blue Flame.

When you go with those national propane companies, you’re just an account number in their database. If you need an emergency propane delivery, can you really trust a far-off call center to get it to you promptly?

With Blue Flame, you get reliable and courteous service from a local business that has been taking care of southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania for decades. You’re not an account number to us. You’re our neighbor, and we treat you like one.

The Marks Of Quality Service

Our propane delivery and services are designed to meet the needs of people around here, and include:

  • Dependable propane delivery with the options of Automatic Delivery and available Wireless Propane Tank Monitoring.
  • Expert and safe propane tank sales, installation, leasing, and service.
  • Our Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange, located all over our service area, where you can get safe, full propane cylinders for your grill.
  • Commercial services including custom forklift cylinder exchanges, bulk propane delivery, and propane tank installation for area businesses.
  • Opportunities for local convenience stores, gas stations, supermarkets, home improvement stores, and other retail establishments to bring in more customers by become a Lil’ Hank’s Tank Exchange site.

Our propane pricing is competitive and transparent—we haven’t raised our rates in nearly three years! The national companies often offer one flat price nationwide, so you could be paying more to offset for services in another part of the country! How fair is that? It’s not.

By using Blue Flame for your propane needs, you are supporting a local business with roots in your community—we’re your neighbors, and we’ll treat you as such. Your continued satisfaction is why we come to work every day!

Get local, responsive service that national companies simply can’t match. Become a Blue Flame customer today!