Owning or Leasing a Propane Tank: What you need to know!

propane tankIf you’re building or buying a home – or starting a business here in southern New Jersey or Eastern Pennsylvaniapropane can do a lot for you.

For starters, propane can provide heat and run appliances both inside (think clothes dryers, cooking ranges, and water heaters) and outside (think patio lights, grills, and pool heaters) your home. If you’re a business owner, propane can power everything from forklifts to commercial stoves – or a backup generator to help you avoid downtime when the power’s out.

Yes, when it comes to powering your home or business, propane can do it all – but not without a propane tank. The question is, should you own or lease that tank? Let’s take a look.


There are advantages and disadvantages to both owning and leasing a tank – although, as you will see, there is one option that will certainly make things easier for you as a home or business owner.

If you choose to own your propane tank, it gives you the freedom to choose your propane delivery provider, and you can switch suppliers at any time.

But beware, because that freedom comes at a cost (several, actually).

For starters, you will have to pay to install your propane tank, to the tune of anywhere from $450 to $3,000 or more. But the costs don’t end there: if you own a propane tank, you also own the responsibility to maintain it. It’s not work you can do on your own, either – the State of NJ requires that the work be done by a licensed, certified propane technician, whom you will have to pay.

By contrast, when you lease a propane tank from Blue Flame, we’ll take care of (and cover the costs of) all installation and maintenance tasks from the first day you become a Blue Flame customer.


Whether you decide to buy or lease your propane tank, you can count on Blue Flame for top-quality options for your home or business. Our aboveground and underground propane tanks are built to last for decades, and our expert propane tank installation service from Certified Employee Training Program-trained installation technicians will make sure they do just that.

We’ll help you choose among several propane tank sizes for your home or business, making sure you’ve got the right-sized container to meet your propane needs.

Want to learn more about our propane tank leasing and propane tank owning options? Contact Blue Flame today to get started!