Payment Options Made Easy with Blue Flame

payment options


Life is busy – your to-do list is pretty jammed. Let Blue Flame take some of the load off with Automatic Propane Delivery and AutoPay options that make managing your propane usage easy.

Automatic Propane Delivery Means Less Hassle

When you’re on a will-call plan, the responsibility is on you to make sure your propane never runs out –which means you’re the one having to go outside in the rain, the snow, and the New Jersey cold of winter to regularly check your propane tank levels. On top of that, you then have to schedule a propane delivery. If you wait too long, you may end up having to schedule an emergency delivery – or face a propane run-out.

Why bother with all that hassle and stress, especially when you don’t have to?

By signing up for automatic propane delivery from Blue Flame, all that is in the past! Our computers will calculate your fuel usage based on past usage and the current NJ weather. Before you run low, or run out, our experienced employees will schedule a prompt delivery of propane. No work or worry for you. To make our delivery system even more precise, we offer wireless tank monitoring of your propane levels.

Autopay Means One Less Check to Mail

More and more of our customers each year ask to get in on Blue Flame AutoPay. Why? Because it makes their lives and managing their fuel bill easier.

Instead of having to mail in a check, or remember to go online to pay, your bill is paid automatically, on time, every month. With AutoPay, you still have total control over your account but no longer have to worry about the check arriving on time, or the “Oh, no!” moment when you realize you forgot to pay your Blue Flame bill online.

Blue Flame gives you two options with AutoPay:
Option 1: Automatic payment through your credit or debit card
Option 2: Direct payments from your bank account through ACH

Setting up AutoPay and Automatic Delivery are easy, and Blue Flame’s professionals are ready and glad to help you.

Sign up for Blue Flame AutoPay today and experience the joy of pain-free bill management (and no more late fees). Contact us today to make the switch!