Propane Pool Heaters Keep the Perfect Temp

Jump Right In…the Water’s Fine!

pool heater installation new jerseyEveryone loves a refreshing dip in the pool on a sweltering day. In southern New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania, the mid-summer gets steamy, but what about early and late in the season? And what about the evenings when it starts to cool down?

If your pool water is ice cold, you’ll find your teeth chattering. In the end, if you don’t have a reliable pool heater, you aren’t getting the most from your pool.

Luckily, Blue Flame has an offer to keep your water at the perfect temperature all day and night—and extend your swimming season in the process!

Chill Out in the Pool—Not Freeze in it!

Want to stop having to dip your toe in the water to make sure it’s bearable to swim? We have you covered.

We can install a propane-fired pool heater at your home. With just the turn of a dial, your water will feel great—even late in the season and on cool nights.

Plus, with our ongoing, limited-time special offer*, act now and you’ll receive:

  • Zero-stress tank installation. We’ll get you set up quickly and easily.
  • $2.99/gallon special propane rates for pool heating customers.
  • Automatic Propane Delivery. No need to constantly check your gauges!
  • FREE Wireless Tank Monitoring when you set up a Blue Flame customer account.
  • Exemplary service from the most trusted propane team in the region.

This special is only available for a limited time, so wait—contact us today.

How Do Propane Pool Heaters Work?

Propane pool heaters are efficient, durable, reliable, and eco-friendly. They burn gas to warm water from your pool pump and cycle it back into the pool. These products are ideal for in-ground pools, aboveground pools, and spas.

Propane pool heaters are simple to install and available in several sizes and colors.

Blue Flame proudly delivers propane and peace of mind to New Jersey and Pennsylvania households. Our fuel delivery drivers are dependable, friendly, and professional, and our service technicians can solve any home comfort issue.

We want to bring our top-notch product and service to your home! Become a Blue Flame customer today and experience the difference we can make for your home comfort and more.

*Pool heating promotional offer valid throughout summer 2022. Please speak to a customer service representative for additional details.