Fueling Family Adventures with Portable Propane Tanks

Power for grills, rvs, and outdoor amenities.

rv propane tank Mercer county, nj Do you know what we mean when we say that propane is a portable fuel? It means that propane goes where you need it. Because of its unique physical properties, it can be stored as a liquid under pressure. You can also transport it in small, portable propane tanks.

Many of our customers in Cherry Hill, Vineland, Doylestown, West Chester and other communities in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania receive regular propane deliveries to power whole-home heating, hot water systems and major appliances.

Blue Flame also has an extensive service area for our Lil’ Hank’s portable propane cylinders, even extending into Maryland. These portable tanks contain Blue Flame’s high-quality propane, and they serve a host of functions in backyards, on camping trips and in recreational vehicles.


Did you know that 61 percent of grill owners in the U.S. use gas? And propane is the most popular fuel for freestanding gas grills. Most grills are built to accommodate a standard 20-pound cylinder like the Lil’ Hank’s tanks we offer. Each tank provides hours of grilling, with easy lighting, precise temperature control, minimal cleanup and no chemical or ashy taste to ruin that perfect sirloin.

Camper propane

Whether you’re taking your RV on a cross-country trip, a weekend in the woods or a tailgate bash outside the stadium, portable propane tanks bring the power that keeps the fun going.

When you’re on the road, away from electrical connections and showers, propane cylinders heat water in your RV and power portable generators. These cylinders can also provide fuel for camper stoves and propane bug traps.

When you set up a tailgate party, propane cylinders fuel cooking products like portable grills, fryers and smokers. Your guests will enjoy a full smorgasbord of gameday eats courtesy of this adaptable fuel.

Space heating

Many homeowners have separate structures on their property that require supplemental heat. These include art studios, carpentry shops, guest houses, garages and entertainment spaces. When temperatures drop in the icy winter months, homeowners turn to reliable portable propane heaters. These products offer dependable, powerful heat and typically run on propane cylinders from one pound to 20 pounds.

Please note you should always ensure that your propane heater is rated safe for indoor use. Always follow all manufacturer’s guidelines for usage, ventilation and placement. Feel free to contact us to discuss the safe storage of your portable propane tanks.

Outdoor amenities

Propane is one of the most versatile home energy sources. With a portable propane tank, your can power the following outdoor living products:

  • Worried that a chilly night will cut your outdoor gathering short? Turn on a propane patio heater.
  • Need a cozy spot for s’mores and spooky stories? Light up a propane fire pit.
  • You can elevate your property’s appeal with a propane-powered fire table or outdoor fireplace.

Those are just a few ways portable propane cylinders can power your adventures throughout the year.

Are you interested in finding the closest Lil’ Hank’s propane tank exchange to you? Reach out to Blue Flame today.