Powering Your Warehouse: Why Propane Forklifts?

Propane offers more power, lower emissions and cost savings.

forklift tank service ocean county, nj For decades, propane has powered forklifts in warehouses, distribution centers, work sites and other commercial ventures. It’s been a resiliently popular fuel for many reasons. In this post, we want to explore some of the main reasons businesses choose propane forklifts over other options.

1. Air Safety

If your forklifts run on gasoline or diesel, you can’t operate them safely indoors because of hazardous emissions. But propane forklifts are safe for indoor usage. They generate very few nitrogen or sulfur oxides, and their carbon monoxide output is far lower than gas or diesel. Additionally, propane is methane-free and generates virtually no particulate matter, a carcinogen.

All told, propane provides a much safer environment for your employees.

2. Durability Against the Elements

While electric forklifts might be safe for indoor usage, they cannot work outdoors when it’s raining. Since 68 percent of forklift fleets need to run both indoors and out, this can be a deal-breaker. Propane forklifts can work in all elements.

3. Workplace Efficiency

Typically, one 33-pound cylinder of forklift propane can power a vehicle for eight hours — essentially an entire shift. And when it’s time to refuel a propane forklift, all you have to do is switch out the cylinder. By contrast, electric forklifts can require hours to recharge, costing you productive work time.

4. Consistent Moving Power

When you use propane forklifts at your business, you can be confident that they’ll dependably get the job done. Propane forklifts are better at navigating inclines with large loads than electric forklifts, especially as power runs down. Propane forklifts run at optimal power and speed, regardless of how much fuel is left in the cylinder.

5. Affordability

Capital costs associated with propane forklifts are 30 percent lower than electric models, and propane cylinders last three times longer than batteries.

What’s more, propane provides price stability that’s missing from many other fuels, not to mention grid electricity. Over 90 percent of propane used in the U.S. is domestically produced. This makes it more stable, price-wise, than fuels that are more closely tied to global energy markets.

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