4 Steps To Prepare for a Winter Propane Delivery

Help Our Team Stay on Schedule & Deliver Your Fuel More Efficiently

propane delivery new jersey When the winter season is fully upon us, our propane delivery drivers are behind the wheel non-stop on roads from Cape May and Toms River to West Chester and Doylestown. So, it probably doesn’t come as a surprise that many families in Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania need their propane tanks filled fast and often!

Unfortunately, mother nature doesn’t cut us a break when demand is this high. Snowy conditions, early nightfall, and icy roads all conspire to attempt in delaying our trucks. At Blue Flame, we’ll work night and day to ensure the families that trust us stay warm and comfortable.

During the winter season, there are four simple steps you can take to make our jobs a little easier and guarantee your propane arrives promptly and safely.

1. Keep Your House Number Visible

We might have difficulty finding your home when snow and branches cover your house number. This is especially true when the sun sets earlier in the day. We would greatly appreciate it if you could clear anything blocking your house number and turn on any exterior lights to make the number of your home more directly visible.

2. Make a Pathway to Your Propane Tank

If your property is bordered by a fence, please leave your gate open and clear any snow, ice, vegetation, or debris blocking the way to your propane tank. Also, remember to keep any four-legged friends inside your house while the gate is open. Our team members will appreciate an unobstructed pathway.

It’s also a good idea to mark your tank and gas lines with brightly colored flags so both you and our team members can find them after a significant snowfall.

3. Shovel and Salt Your Driveway.

We understand that shoveling snow can be a real pain. However, a propane truck needs a nine to 10-foot path to park. If your driveway is on more of a slope, our driver must also be able to place safely secure tire wedges that will keep the truck from rolling back.

It’s crucial to shovel snow and salt your driveway before our driver arrives. Another helpful step is marking the borders of your driveway in case snow has covered them.

4. Enroll in Automatic Delivery…if You Haven’t Already!

Simply put, automatic delivery is a win-win.

For you, it ends the days of checking tank gauges in the snow and removes the risk of a run-out. Our computerized system tracks your propane usage, and we deliver fuel automatically to you when your tank hits approximately 30% full.

This helps Blue Flame as well. When customers are on automatic delivery, we can better plan our routes and ensure everyone stays warm!

Blue Flame—Your Trusted Propane Delivery Partner for Over 50 Years!

We know that countless New Jersey and Pennsylvania households count on us for warmth, comfort, and safety in the winter. We’ll do everything in our power to get you your propane quickly, safely and with minimal disruption to your day. Taking the steps above will significantly help us do this as efficiently as possible.

Blue Flame is the most dependable propane company in the NJ and PA region. Get in touch with us to get started—we’d love to have you join our family of customers!