Keep Your Propane Devices Roaring this Winter

heating tune up new jerseyOctober is in full swing. While you might be busy enjoying crisp hikes, picking apples, playoff baseball, Halloween parties and football, don’t forget an important seasonal task: scheduling an annual tune-up for your propane furnace and appliances!

The dedicated experts at Blue Flame can provide heating-system tune-ups and repairs for propane-powered equipment to homes across Southern New Jersey and Eastern Pennsylvania—and right now, Blue Flame is now offering a Tune-up Special for the fall! Our professional staff will provide top-notch fall tune-ups for your propane units. For a limited time only, we’ll take care of your heating system for just $100! * We’ll even take care of your additional propane appliances for just $150! *

Are System Tune-ups Important?

The answer is simple: Yes. Here are 5 reasons why you should schedule one with us at Blue Flame:

  1. A professional fall tune-up of your propane furnace includes cleaning out blockages and unblocked vents, changing air filters, checking for gas leaks, and replacing worn-down internal components, enabling your furnace to run more efficiently. The bottom line is that running a cleaned-up, efficient propane furnace and other equipment saves you some serious dollars!
  2. Tune-ups also prolong the health of your propane appliance, as running a dirty or faulty furnace will just further wear it down. If you wait until winter for furnace maintenance but need to use it beforehand, you risk shortening its lifespan. You can add years of longevity by just staying on top of checkups. Save yourself the thousands of dollars needed for a new unit altogether in due time.
  3. Wear and tear can become hazardous if ignored, especially if you have an older furnace. Propane burns safely, but if you’re using an appliance with blocked vents, cracks, or gas-line leaks, it can become a fire hazard.
  4. A propane furnace that runs efficiently will use less fuel. Looking ahead and scheduling maintenance in the fall gives you a jumpstart on saving money for when propane prices spike, typically in the mid-winter season.
  5. If you schedule your propane furnace maintenance early, you’ll have more leeway to get it running smoothly before an unexpected part replacement sets you back or the temperatures plummet. You can ensure all work is finished before firing it up for those incoming 40-30-or even 20-degree days!

Blue Flame can ease stress this fall for our propane-gas system customers. Stay ahead of Old Man Winter and submit a request for a limited-time tune-up today!

*Some restrictions apply. Availability based on location. Call for details.